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HELP! putting a team together(2 posts)

HELP! putting a team togetherbikespoke
Jul 19, 2001 12:17 PM
I live in Durango CO. Iv'e been talking to a few good racers about getting a road team together. As it is now, it's a dream, but we have the racers to put out good results and a few conections to get the equipment we need at cost. The only thing I can forsee being a huge problem is getting some money to get us off the ground. Team dues could cover some of it. We would still need a cash sponsor. have you or anyone you know put a team together? what kinds of things do you need to lure a title sponsor into it? I understand that advertising is a tax right-off, is that enough incentive? Please feel free to e-mail me any information that you have.
- tired of racing for a front range team
re: HELP! putting a team togetherroadcyclist
Jul 19, 2001 3:22 PM
No, a tax write-off is not nearly enough! It helps to find someone in the corporation that loves cycling, or any other "in" to get you to the correct contact person. The team members should be available for different corporate or corporate-sponsored events. Try to find a unique angle, maybe working with children in schools or other youth groups. In today's economy, companies want the most bang for their buck. Will the riders have their photos in the papers? Maybe on a local cable tv show? You also need to be able to give your potential sponsors an itemized list of just how their money will be spent - uniforms, entry fees, travel costs, etc. Good Luck!