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A cool article on Lance's pedaling style up Alpe d' Huez.(20 posts)

A cool article on Lance's pedaling style up Alpe d' Huez.railer
Jul 18, 2001 8:17 AM
Thanks. I could have watched him pedal like that all day. nmBrian C.
Jul 18, 2001 8:34 AM
re: A cool article on Lance's pedaling style up Alpe d' Huez.Lardog
Jul 18, 2001 8:38 AM
I agree. That was perhaps the most impressive exhibition of cycling I've ever seen. If any of you are interested in having the 4 hour stage in your collection, let me know.
That was real cool what Roux said... [nm]Leroy L
Jul 18, 2001 9:00 AM
I would love to have a copyTommyBoy
Jul 18, 2001 10:00 AM
Lardog - I would love to have a copy. Alas, I seem to be the only TdF lover in the world without OLN. My brother has it but he skipped the VCR in the technology chain and went straight to DVD. Anyway... how would you like to go about it?

E-mail me at

Thanks in advance.
re: A cool article on Lance's pedaling style up Alpe d' Huez.Bry
Jul 18, 2001 1:36 PM
I can't get the tour on my TV. Email me at I might be interested to.
About pedalling styleBrian C.
Jul 18, 2001 9:06 AM
I've noticed that many pro racers appear to be 'knock-kneed' - that is, their knees point in toward the top tube.
(See )
Is that the mark of a proper, competitive, efficient pedalling style?
My knees seem to naturally point slightly out.
Well there are certain advantages >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Live Steam
Jul 18, 2001 9:17 AM
This form provides better leverage for a good spin. It is a similar - not the same mind you - to what speed skaters do when skating. Your muscles are stronger pushing out than pulling in laterally. This form is also more aerodynamic. Knees out mean more drag. Knees tucked mean less drag.
Well there are certain advantages >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>tstamm
Jul 18, 2001 9:41 AM
I also read in the orig. velonews article posted here that Lance pedals with a straight ankle then points his toe on the finishing stroke, I always thought you were not supposed to point your toes, instead you were supposed to keep your feet horizontal?
About pedalling stylesmooth one
Jul 18, 2001 1:45 PM
more efficient, less wasted energy, perhaps more leverage although probably minimal difference unless extremely bowed

heck, you don't want to look like this guy (look at right knee of 2nd in line)
what a GOOF!nm
Jul 19, 2001 8:18 AM
He could beMel Erickson
Jul 19, 2001 12:58 PM
adjusting things. I've done exactly what you see this guy doing to rearrange things on the seat. Sometimes things pull and tug and ya just gotta adjust.
re: A cool article on Lance's pedaling style up Alpe d' Huez.tstamm
Jul 18, 2001 9:44 AM
Reading this article it said Lance points his toe on his stroke, I thought you were always supposed to keep your foot horizontal???
It's called ankling >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Live Steam
Jul 18, 2001 9:51 AM
Some say it is not effecient and others feel that you can use more muscle groups to add power to your stroke - kind of what a golfer such as Tiger Woods does with his wrists during his swing. That last snap from his wrists finishes his stroke and gives his swing more dynamic power. They say your pedal stroke should mimic wiping the bottom of your foot on a door mat. I guess the imagery helps.
I tried to copy Lance's pedaling styleSTEELYeyed
Jul 18, 2001 7:58 PM
tonight,doing that ankle snapping,but my shins got so sore I couldn't keep it up very long,really puts stress on the tendons,with a name like Live Steam,tells me you know something about hydronic heating?
I like trains!! nmLive Steam
Jul 19, 2001 5:25 AM
Kinda reminds me of the "Gringo" story posted some months back .Humma Hah
Jul 18, 2001 9:46 AM
... in which Armstrong is reportedly thinking something like "I won this race MONTHS ago, while you were lounging around".
except it was FAKE!nm
Jul 19, 2001 5:59 AM
Yet there was probably a kernel of truth behind it ...Humma Hah
Jul 19, 2001 7:08 AM
... The best lies always are easily believable. Often that's because they have within them an easily-verified element of truth.

The Gringo story may be a fake, but it was a great parable. Even if the episode never happened between the two characters depicted, I can say for a fact it has happened to me. I know why that shaved-leg roadie easily passes me on a hill. He'd do it even if we switched bikes. He passes me because he was grinding up hills while I was sitting here taking it easy on the RBR forum instead of RIDING! He beat me MONTHS or YEARS before!
"Luck is the residue of design" - Branch RickeyMeDotOrg
Jul 19, 2001 8:16 AM
One of my favorite all-time quotes.

(Branch Rickey was the General Manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers who brought Jackie Robinson to the Major Leagues.