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Wrapping Handlebar Tape(4 posts)

Wrapping Handlebar TapeBluenose
Jul 18, 2001 3:34 AM
Does anyone know a link where I can get instructions for wrapping handlebar tape.Something with pictures would be ideal. Thanks.
re: Wrapping Handlebar TapePsyDoc
Jul 18, 2001 4:19 AM
You can find decent instructions from Off The Front's webpage. The URL is:
How to Wrap Handlebar TapeRusty McNasty
Jul 19, 2001 4:22 AM
Start about 4 inches from the center.
Wrap tape once around bars.
Start wrapping diagonal, covering 1/2 width of tape on each revolution.
When you hit the brake levers, slip tape under brake hoods. Reverse wrapping direction.
Continue as before, until the end.
Stick tape ends into bar.
Cram plug into the end.
How to Wrap Handlebar TapeLone Gunman
Jul 19, 2001 10:57 AM
Sorry Rusty, you got it backwards, unless you prefer it that way. Start with plugging the end of the tape into the bar and 1/2 overlap each rotation. When you get to the brake lever, have a piece of tape cut about 4" long and wrap that under, side to side, the bar so the brake lever covers will hold it in place, over wrap that piece and continue to where you want to stop, about 2-3" from center of the bar and use the adhesive tape provided or black electrical tape to finish. The trick is to get the tension on the tape just right so the tape won't slide and gap yet won't tear in half. And that takes practice.