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Would my legs burn if i ride everyday?(9 posts)

Would my legs burn if i ride everyday?hilmi
Jul 17, 2001 10:37 PM
I ride everyday approximetely 20 miles. I dont ride moderately though. i finish my ride approximately in an hour or so.. maybe an hour and 10 minutes if i had a bad day at work. hehe.. one of my friends told me i would burn (he said it would cause Muscle disorder.. not litterly burn) my legs if i do it. Is that right? and one more question.. what is the very good speed for a road biker? and how can i increase my speed?? what kind of exercises should i do besides riding?? thanks..
re: Don't worry!!!Taylor_A
Jul 18, 2001 5:04 AM
I think your friend was mis-directed. The only thing it will do is make your muscles stronger and more efficient. Although you should take at least one day a week to rest.

I wouldn't worry as much about speed as I would about an overall training plan, speed will come. My advice would be to continue what you are doing and maybe one or two days a week go for a longer distance (maybe start with 30-40 miles and increase over time). Personally, interval training has made a dramatic improvement in my cycling. Get a good book on training and develop a plan.

Good luck
I think that the wisdom of riding every day depends on howbill
Jul 18, 2001 5:34 AM
much effort it is for you to ride every day. A bit circular, I know, but, from everything I've read, it is far more efficient training to NOT ride hard every day. When your energy system switches over from aerobic to anaerobic, you can only do so much of this before you start overstressing muscles and joints and burning into your protein resources and wasting muscle. I think that your friend was at least partly right.
I'm not at all sure that I've got the biochemistry correct, but I'm convinced of the overall lesson. Your muscles need recovery. If they aren't getting it, you're going to plateau or maybe even deteriorate. I'm not sure that 20 mi per day is going to do it to you, but I know that I couldn't go twenty HARD every day and bounce back. I've been riding every other day fairly hard, and my abilities have increased dramatically over the past few months, with, really, no sign yet of a plateau.
you are what you train to beDog
Jul 18, 2001 5:38 AM
What's your goal? Is your goal to be a rider who can ride 20 miles fast every day? That's what you are training for.

I'd suggest a much more varied program, that might include, gasp, rest days.

Maybe do 60 miles on a weekend day, 20 miles hard one day, 10 miles of intervals and hills another, a 30 mile simulated race with a group another, etc. You'll end up much stronger over a wider variety of conditions, building both endurance and power. Check out some books on training, starting with Joe Friel's.

So Doug, are ya gonna tell us about the Death Ride?Zignzag
Jul 18, 2001 9:03 AM
Or did you post about it already. How did it compare to the TT?
did a little postDog
Jul 18, 2001 9:59 AM
Things fall off the screen here really fast now if there isn't any new posting.

Here's my short report: repeated here:

"pretty much like you (grz mnky) said"

It was hard. Sort of like the Terrible Two, but without the flat parts. Also, the hills weren't as steep as a lot of the TT. But, it was all high altitude.

Couldn't believe the number of people. Almost 3,000, many of whom were coming up Ebbets when I was coming down, and as you said, it was pretty scary watching out for the morons filling up the entire 10 foot wide road, not seemingly aware that there were people coming down at 40 mph.

Great rest stops, but the Cytomax mix made me nauseous, with all the hard climbing. I stopped eating for fear of vomiting (a mistake), and bonked really hard headed up the last hill to Carson pass. May have been my worst bonk ever. Barely crawled over the top, nursed some pure water this time, ate a banana, and made the 55 mph plunge back. That part was fun.

Started at 5:30, and finished in 9 hours 20 minutes total, somewhere in the 30-40 range of placing (impossible to tell for sure). Even as I was packing up and waiting for a friend who finished 2 hours later, there were still hundreds and hundreds of people headed past the park on their way out to Carson. Man, this was a whole lot of people.


Jul 18, 2001 2:39 PM
I had a great time at the Deathride. I started too late, about 6:15. I felt like I was trying to ride out in front of the pack the whole day. Next time I'll start at 5:30. The altitude didn't really get to me so I had a great ride. The first climb was cool and even, the second climb was short and a little painful. Ebbetts was fun, not sure why people think it's hard. There are some short steep spots but nothing long enough to really hurt. The backside of Ebbetts was pretty hard and felt steeper and shorter. I stopped at the lunch break and had a sandwich, which was a good decision. I had eaten a lot at several rest stops, but I knew Carson was a long ways away. I even ate more before Carson, and a gel saved me from bonking on the actual climb. I ate a ton and drank even more, which turned out to be smart. Carson was the only pass that really hurt me. It was a grind. Most people I talked to agreed that Carson was the Killer. I ate some ice cream and tons of fluids at the top of Carson and cruised down to a mellow finish. About 8.5 hours of riding, with lots of long stops. My buddy and I weren't going too hard since we weren't sure how much to save for the end. Yes, there were a lot of people, but it was only a problem on Ebbetts. I was surprised how many not-so-strong people were riding it. They must love pain!

A guy riding a boutiquey Pinarello asked to use my pump. I asked him if he was Doug. Hummah had mentioned to me at Solvang that Doug Sloan rides a new Pinarello. But, it wasn't.

Good ride, I'd definitely do it again.
Where can I buy a good book on training? A normal book store?nmMabero
Jul 18, 2001 11:45 AM
Amazon is one way...Dog
Jul 18, 2001 12:39 PM

Check out Lance's and the others listed there. Do a search at Amazon for "bicycle training", and get some more.