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grz monky(3 posts)

grz monkyrailer
Jul 17, 2001 3:51 PM
Here is a link I thought you might like. I know how you hate "uuntruths" on this site! This is an independent site. By no means am I trying to stir anything up but you had mentioned that the lightest disc brakes were mechanical. More specifically the Avid mechanical being lighter than the Shimano XT disc. In looking at this info, I think the best apples to apples comparison is the Shimano Deore Hydraulic compared to the Shimano Deore mechanical. THe mechanical is almost 7 oz. heavier than its hydraulic counterpart.
Happy trails.
How 'bout that Tour???
Kewl!!!grzy mnky
Jul 17, 2001 4:09 PM
Will take a look when I have some time - right now I gotta split.

I think that the independant data is superior to whatever claims a manufacuturer wants to make. We don't wan't to know what the best pre-production units weigh - we want to know the typical weight we will see when we buy a given part.

I've got no problems with being corrected with reasonable data - I guess the unsubstatiated claims really bother me. Maybe I'll change my name to Mulder knowing that "The Truth is Out There."

Yeah, love catching the tour stuff - I find myself drawn into it like never before. Why is it that the sports sections in the typical news papers are so clueless? I guess they have to wait until it pops up on the radar screen. Once Lance takes the lead they'll all jump on the bandwagaon and rally like they were number one fans...
Yeah, the Washington Post, which has many days ignored thebill
Jul 18, 2001 7:33 AM
Tour, and, at best, given it about a paragraph (HS sports get more!), suddenly, today, devoted as many as four column inches to Armstrong's performance yesterday. I realize that cycling as a sport is not huge in the US, but, c'mon. Yesterday's coverage was a little blurb next to like five inches about Navy's next football coach. Give me a break.