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Knees and pedals(2 posts)

Knees and pedalsrider3
Jul 17, 2001 1:59 PM
Two questions:

1) Pedals. What's are the functional (and comfort) differences between a SPD pedal and others such as LOOK, for example. I have SPDs and am curious if I should switch to a different type.

2) Knee pain. (possibly relating to pedals?) I completed several centuries recently and this last time about 1/2 way through my right knee had a burning pain on the inside of my knee, next to my kneecap. This went away later in the ride and I attributed it to overworking it during a hilly section. (Anyone know what that may be?) After the ride I felt fine until the same knee gave me problems. The back (and a little ways down my calf) of it feels tight when I try to straighten it out all the way. Doesn't really hurt to move it unless I am walking because then it's trying to straighten out to take a step. It's been a couple of days with not much difference which is unusual. This may be due to not stretching after the ride because this one time I didn't....

I plan to go to the doc soon here but I value the experience present on this forum.

re: Knees and pedalsalwysL8
Jul 17, 2001 5:02 PM
I have bad knees too. Surgery on the left is scheduled for July 25. I tried SPD and found them to be very constraining with little lateral movement. I have been using Speedplay Frogs on my recumbent bike. They offer significantly greater lateral movement. I have also been using a product call Kneesavers. It is a spacer which fits between the crank and pedal. Helps those of us that walk like a duck.