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Help with Record front hub >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(5 posts)

Help with Record front hub >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Live Steam
Jul 17, 2001 12:38 PM
i need to repack my front hub. how do i remove the axil and non-drive side cone from my front Record Ti hub? the drive side cone broke first and i pulled it off, but the axil and other side don't want to come off or pull out. i hope i am explaining this well. do i need any special tools? the cones are 13mm, but it appears that i may need some special wrench to remove some form of AL cap that was behind the plastic dust cap. thanks in advance for your help.
Check out Campy's website for the tech docs.Cima Coppi
Jul 17, 2001 1:54 PM
Available in .pdf format, they show pretty good diagrams of how to disassemble the front hub.

Good Luck!

Hi Cima. I did just that, but >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Live Steam
Jul 17, 2001 2:16 PM
the diagram shows how it goes together, but it does not show what tools are required. Record fron hubs are not just a straight tube. They have integrated stops on the inner side of the bearings. One side of the hub has a cap screw beyond the cone that is threaded. I guess I need some special wrench like a cassette needs, to remove the cap. Oh well, I guess I have to put off this maintenance again. I have about 4000+ miles on them. I am sure a good lube is due. :-(
Here's what I do....>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>shylock
Jul 17, 2001 2:37 PM
...loosen the hub with the allen wrenches and pull the axel as hard as I can. The axel will be slightly loose. Then I use my thumbs and fingers to gradually loosen the retaining ring from the axel. (I do this on the side of the axel from which I removed the lock ring )It doesn't feel like it will work at first, but it me. You don't need any special tools -- just a couple allen wrenches and a pen knife or other flat pointy object to pry out the seals.
My gruppo is from '97....>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Live Steam
Jul 17, 2001 6:57 PM
My hubs don't have an allen screw anywhere. The have 13mm cones. The problem I am have is a threaded lock ring on one side of the hub. I can't extract the axil and bearings without removing it. I guess I need a special key.