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L'Alpe de Heuz- How do you like them apples?(48 posts)

L'Alpe de Heuz- How do you like them apples?peloton
Jul 17, 2001 7:17 AM
Lance ripped everyone's legs off today on L'Alpe de Heuz. He looked like he was in trouble the whole day until the last climb, and even Phil and Paul were really ripping on him. He attacked hard and took two minutes on Ullrich in second. I can't help but think that the TDF is over unless something huge happens.

At the foot of L'Alpe de Heuz, Armstrong was being led out by Rubiera with Ullrich in tow. Lance stood and looked directly back at Ullrich as if to say, "Are you coming?" and then accelerated away. Pretty impressive.

How do you like them apples? ;)
It was great!!DINOSAUR
Jul 17, 2001 7:41 AM
I over slept this morning and woke up and turned on the T.V. at the exact moment Armstrong started attacking. This boy can ride!!! This would be one stage to tape for the record book. Any bets now on who will win? The tour has begun...
Now the fun startsPaulCL
Jul 17, 2001 7:42 AM
I was keeping up with the race on, hitting refresh constantly. I almost got into my car and drove home to check it out on OLN.

Nice head-fake by Lance. I can't wait to see the replay tonight on the tube. Whoa!
Like 'em but...Horace Greeley
Jul 17, 2001 7:43 AM
will like them more after tomorrow's mtn. time trial. Lance has been training all year for this stage and a good rider will just knock the wind out of any potential contenders.
Like 'em but...Horace Greeley
Jul 17, 2001 7:45 AM
will like them more after tomorrow's mtn. time trial. Lance has been training all year for this stage and a good ride will just knock the wind out of any potential contenders.
Ripped the Legs off the Peloton! nmgusriley
Jul 17, 2001 7:54 AM
no need to blast the poster who started this thread :-)ET
Jul 17, 2001 8:55 AM
tee hee. :-)
LOL OOPS!gusriley
Jul 17, 2001 6:04 PM
Good one! ;)
:o) (nm)peloton
Jul 17, 2001 6:09 PM
he looked pathetic, then boomDog
Jul 17, 2001 8:04 AM
I started watching at around 4:45 Pacific, and Lance looked like he was shot, grimacing way back in the pack. He must have been faking.

I followed the action on the OLN site after I got to work, and was shocked. On the last mountain, he just exploded. Amazing.

He had half the planet worried for a while, but now I think there is no doubt.

Sandbagger?grzy mnky
Jul 17, 2001 9:14 AM
You gotta figure the guy is smart and savy - he's done it before and should pretty much know what it takes. Ultimately you don't want to work any harder than you have to, but when you've got the upper hand go for the kill. Can't wait to watch it - too bad I now know the out come - - I would've checked anyways ;-)
One word describes it: "strategery"Dog
Jul 17, 2001 9:30 AM
just a SNL / Bush reference; I love it.

Another word to describe Lance is "nucular"ashleyrenfroe
Jul 17, 2001 10:10 AM
Another SNL/Bush reference!!! LOL!!
Kikth Ath!!grzy mnky
Jul 17, 2001 10:32 AM
Eric Cartman - So. Park!

Could Lance be described as being a "passionate conservative?" Passionate about winning the Tour, but conservative of his energy for the long haul?
Jul 17, 2001 8:26 AM
He always makes me proud. I was really worried for him on the early climbs. Thats not like him to sit in the back like that. ullrich wasnt even within easy sight for Lance from where he was riding. He is becoming very "Tour mature".
Was "the look" as much of a mano a mano challange as it .....Len J
Jul 17, 2001 8:41 AM
What I thought...railer
Jul 17, 2001 8:53 AM
was that he just glanced back to see Rubiera dropping back and then seemed to look at Ulrich as if to say "is this your attack?" and then just stood up and rode away seemingly comfortably. I dont know if he even truly looked at Ulrich. They both had glasses on.
me toomr_spin
Jul 17, 2001 9:14 AM
I think catching Ullrich in the look was coincidental (although where else would Ullrich be?). But it is now The Look, a moment captured in the mythology of the tour, to be discussed and interpreted forever. Phil's commentary seems appropriate (coming with?), but only Lance really knows!

My guess is that Lance was checking not only on Rubiera, but on everyone else. Rubiera had just torn things apart (like Hamilton in the same spot in 1999), and Lance was probably trying to assess the damage to see if it was time to attack. It was. See ya.
The Look was definately straight at Ullrich, No Doubts!!! nmMalandMo
Jul 17, 2001 2:14 PM
Here's a pic >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Live Steam
Jul 17, 2001 7:26 PM
Yeah - he's looking right at him and Jannie is lookin' scared! :-)
Here's a pic >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>cycleguy
Jul 17, 2001 9:08 PM
AP Lance was heard to say on the telecom scanner "Would you like another strudle Von Ullrich?"
The Look of Victorymtnhigh
Jul 17, 2001 2:54 PM
I was watching close when Lance shot that look around and I'll swear they were eye to eye. The olny conclusion I come to is that Lance was saying "why bother?" maybe not so arrogantly, but the hype has all been about Ullrich being the best contender and we know that they both know this, it just really seemed that Lance was affirming his position in the world of cycling and putting Ullrich, and everyone else that would discount him, in their place.
Bluff?Jim Burton
Jul 17, 2001 8:51 AM
Tell me, is it possible that the early "hurting" was a ploy? Seems like he surprised even Phil and Bob if so.
It was absolutely a ploy...Lazy
Jul 17, 2001 8:53 AM
And one of the best ones I've ever seen or heard of I might add. Lance should get an Oscar to go along with his stage win today!
I dont see...railer
Jul 17, 2001 8:56 AM
any mojor advantages of "acting" like he did. I think, IMHO, he was just trying to stay out of the wind as much as possible, to conserve. He did throw out a nice grimace to French TV though. I dont know?.
I dont see...Lazy
Jul 17, 2001 9:06 AM
My take on it: LA wants the Telekom boys to see him and think he is struggling. Telekom keeps the pace high going over the first two climbs thinking that LA will certainly have nothing left for the final ascent if he's struggling already. Telekom uses more energy than they would've if LA is right there in JU's jersey because they're setting a pace that they think is hurting Lance. This means the Telekom underlings will drop and be tired from all the pace setting well before any of the USPS domestiques have even taken a pull. Lance, after getting pulled over the first two climbs by other teams gets one pull from his own team and then he's off and running. USPS domestiques have done almost no work and LA puts almost 2 minutes into JU.

Or, Lance was really hurting over the first two climbs and REALLY sucked it up for the d'Huez. I don't think that was the case though.

Disclaimers: I didn't see the stage, but heard it via internet.
All this is opinion, I have no input to the USPS strategic decision making process.
That sounds logical. Its all about conservation in this race.nmrailer
Jul 17, 2001 9:13 AM
I wonder how Lance's time up Alpe d'Huezrailer
Jul 17, 2001 9:18 AM
compared to Pantani's record of 38 something minutes? He looked like he was flying. Hes such a spinner. It almost looks inefficient as fast as he spins sometimes. reports 38':01"Lazy
Jul 17, 2001 9:26 AM
Copied from

"Pokerman" Armstrong wins round 1

The results of the first true mountain stage in this Tour again dispelled any doubts about who is the favourite for this race. In an attack that lasted for most of the final climb up l'Alpe d'Huez, Lance Armstrong won the stage nearly 2 minutes in front of Jan Ullrich and Joseba Beloki, catching Frenchman Laurent Roux (Jean Delatour) with 6 km to go. Roux had been away alone and with two others since the 8th kilometre, but succumbed to Armstrong's 38'01 ascent of the famed Alpe.

The GC changed as predicted, with Francois Simon donning the yellow jersey., with Andrei Kivilev (Cofidis) in second place at 11'54, 3. Stuart O'Grady (Credit Agricole) at 18'10, 4. Lance Armstrong (USPS) at 20'07 and 5 Joseba Beloki (ONCE) at 21'42.
Pantani's record is 37':35". nmLazy
Jul 17, 2001 9:28 AM
Lance said after the racepeloton
Jul 17, 2001 12:43 PM
That the team wans't strong today, and they knew that they couldn't control the pack alone. They let Telekom do the work leading up to L'Alpe de Huez to save themselves. The Postal team was hurting a little with Tyler being sick and injured. Lance also admitted to purposely looking bad when the cameras were on him so that the team directors watching the race in their cars would think he was weak until he launched his attack. It looks like the tactic worked.
He had a good acting coachBosephus
Jul 17, 2001 8:58 AM
Robin Williams was riding in the Postal Team car today...
USPS still needs to stay togetherMikeC
Jul 17, 2001 10:06 AM
Lance is a horse, and he proved today that in a battle where individuals triumph, he's the strongest. But I'm still worried about the ability of this USPS team to provide the support he needs when it's not just one man against the mountain. USPS took nine riders into Paris last year, and Lance was already in yellow at the end of today's stage. The boys in blue still have to prove that they can compete team-to-team as well as leader-to-leader. Tomorrow should be very revealing...
USPS still needs to stay togetherLarry Meade
Jul 17, 2001 10:47 AM
I don't think that tomorrow will tell us much other than how hard they will have to work after the rest day. It is the MTT and most of the Postals, will not kill themselves. It will be Armstrong alone who will determine how much time he can take out of Simon and Kivilev. Postal's guys will probably just ride within themselves and conserve as much energy as they can for the big push after the rest day. They will have 3 straight mountain stages to work on. That will be the telling time.
Lance starting to fade?4bykn
Jul 17, 2001 10:46 AM
Well, his jersey anyway, from usps blue to the leader's yellow. He seems to have set himself up well for tomorrow, most of the main rivals will be on the road ahead of him and he will know exactly what he needs to beat them. I "watched" today on and could almost see that determined expression of his while demolishing Ullrich on the climb, I actually cheered as the updates were posted. Now the question is how much did LA (and JU) save for the uphill TT tomorrow. Now I've GOT to talk my better half into OLN.
As an aside, I went out and did my best time in 3 years on a 25 mile loop, immediately following the finish of today's stage.
Coordinated SandbaggingDCP
Jul 17, 2001 11:02 AM
At about 150 km reported:

From France TV, an interview with USPS Bruyneel: "Lance's radio is not working. The team isn't really super today. We think it's better to stay quiet and follow Ullrich and Telekom."

Coordinated Sandbaggingmr_spin
Jul 17, 2001 11:21 AM
On OLN they showed Lance dropping back several times to the team car while on the Madeleine. The camera was right there as he played with his radio, testing it, etc. Then he said out loud that it was broken. Rubiera was next to him, and also repeated that Lance's radio was broken.

I wonder if it really was broken or it if was part of the ruse. In the end I guess it doesn't matter, because the effect was the same! But for the sake of history, it would be nice to know. I have a feeling that this stage will enter the mythology of the Tour and still be debated 50 years from now.
At CNN Lance was reported as mentioning.....Lardog
Jul 17, 2001 11:33 AM
"Today we decided to play a little poker" That about sums it up.
I wonder...Lazy
Jul 17, 2001 11:42 AM
If this has anything to do with reports that Telekom had purchased a scanner to listen in on the USPS radio conversations?
I wonder...railer
Jul 17, 2001 11:51 AM
It very well could have. If Telekom had a scanner the "act" wouldnt have worked. Maybe they didnt want to converse over the radio forcing Lance to physically check in back at the car once in a while. What an act!

One interesting thing I noticed was that on Alpe d'Huez Ulrich ripped out his earpiece, it was just dangling near his top tube.
Of course they didStarliner
Jul 17, 2001 9:40 PM
if anyone could find the ability to listen in on another team's communications, it would naturally be telekom
Don't like dem apples at all!JohnG
Jul 17, 2001 11:39 AM
Great ride but I see a very boring race from here on. :( It would be much more interesting if there were some more strong climbers challanging for the lead. That's what made the Giro so interesting.

Its not over yet!railer
Jul 17, 2001 11:47 AM
Hes still got some hard work to do.
It's not over yet!cycleguy
Jul 17, 2001 6:32 PM
Today's tour stage showcased perhaps one of the greatest strategic races in a long time. Bruyneel is a great cycling mind! Taking ones weakness, Lance and only two teammates, vs Ulrich and his seemingly stronger team and turning into a strength and victory!! I expect a counter punch from Ullrich tomorrow on a stage that I feel suits his style. Gosh, the guy did not even stand up all day and still finished 2nd!!! And they say he is not a great climber. Maybe not in a one day race, but who was better today, other than Lance! I don't expect Lance to try and take the yellow till next week in the final mountains. Unless his team recovers very quickly, they just don't seem to be strong enough to defend the jersey. As for Lance, he does seem to be the strongest, but it still is a team sport!
did anyone consider that maybe Jan outfaked LA's fake?ET
Jul 18, 2001 5:15 AM
What if Jan is holding back till LA tires? Then he gets the last laugh, and an even classier acting performance. Do I believe that? Well...

Also, regarding LA's tactics, sure, his plan made him feel good, fake grimace followed by turn it on and all, but did any of you consider that maybe that was not optimal? What if he (and his team) could have steadily rode stronger the whole way? Maybe less dramatic, but LA might've had an even bigger lead.

Also, how important is all the fake grimace stuff? He can't win without it? I'm not sure how proud I am of that. I'd prefer a cold menacing stare before blasting out. If other riders are involved in a crash with LA, I'll bet theories will fly about intentionally taking him down.
Keep dreamin' !!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Live Steam
Jul 18, 2001 9:03 AM
No one asked you to be proud or not. LA acts with class. I don't think anyone in the Peloton feels differently about him. His only detractors are the foreign press and fans of other riders. His grimace is akin to a head fake in other sports.:-)
Uphill time trial- More f'ing apples!peloton
Jul 18, 2001 8:11 AM
I wondered how much Lance would have left over for the uphill time trial today. I guess a Lance had a lot left becuase he picked up another minute on Ullrich in second place again. Two stage wins in a row for Lance. No one will criticize him for not winning enough stages this year.

Interestingly, the finish of the past two stages has mirrored the finish of last year's tour with Lance, Ullrich, and Beloki finishing in that order.

Kivalev seems to be done too. I thought that he might be a real challenge being eight or nine minutes up on Lance. Kivalev lost over six minutes today and his lead has diminished to only a couple of minutes. Lance said he could live with that even if it went down to the last time trial. Kivalev can climb, but he doesn't time trial all that well.

It seems that Lance will pick up the yellow jersey in the Pyranees, and Ullrich will fight the whole way. Two great riders.
re: L'Alpe de Heuz- How do you like them apples?Gort
Jul 18, 2001 9:19 AM
I've been waiting for Lance to make his move; he has made two huge back-to-back efforts and I fret that it has taken a lot out of him. He still has a lot of time to make up - I just hope he doesn't blow up.