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Medici "Pro" ??(5 posts)

Medici "Pro" ??Rusty Coggs
Jul 17, 2001 6:24 AM
Anyone know anything about Medici bikes or the Pro model? This is a garage sale aquisition. Nothing else on the frame to identify it other than Campy rear dropouts,chrome right chainstay and nice lugwork.Not sure what parts are original,but that isn't important. Parts range from old school Campy downtube friction shifters to record hubs and mirage triple cranks to old school Deore mountian derailers. Rear cluster is 6 speed.Fork is chrome with nice box crown,but may have been replaced,as the dropouts are Tange.Paint is Very shopworn ugly orange,but am wondering if the frame rides straight and the BB shell does not appear to be rusted out, would the frame be worth having a new powdercoat put on.Size is right and and lugged steel frames are cool. Thanks....Rusty.
Now Simo CyclesFoster
Jul 17, 2001 7:07 AM
Check out
Medici was a small frame builder out of Chino, California. They built mostly lugged steel frames and at one time sponsored the LA Sheriffs Cycling club (early 90's). Call up Simo Cycles for more info.
Cool....thanks ! nmRusty Coggs
Jul 17, 2001 11:05 AM
Nice bikesmike mcmahon
Jul 17, 2001 11:23 AM
I bought a new Medici Pro Strada in '85 or '85 and it was one of the nicest bikes I've owned. In fact, I'd place it right in line behind my most recent purchase, a custom Strong Foco. As long as the frame is in reasonably good condition, it definitely sounds worth refurbishing. I only wish I had held on to mine. Good luck and post a picture on the Photo Gallery when you get done with it. Nobody flames old lugged-steel frames. ;-)
Medici infoDMoore
Jul 17, 2001 8:17 PM
Actually, the model name should be "Pro Strada." There was also a "Pro Pista" but that was their track frame. If made from Tange Prestige Oversize tubing, it was the "Pro Strada OSSO" (the "OSSO" being an italianized "OS" for "oversized.")

Medici was born when Gian Simonetti and Mike Howard left Masi California in the late 70's or thereabouts. MIke built Wizard frames with Brian Baylis for a year or two in the 70's. Medici built a lot of bikes for a lot of racers over the years, and had a couple of teams on their bikes in the '84 Olympics in LA> The also sponsored the LA Sheriff/Chevrolet pro team until Litespeed made the team an offer they couldn't refuse.

Medicis have been built from Reynolds, Columbus, and Tange steel tubing. Most were lugged, although they did also build quite a few filet brazed frames. Near the end of the Medici name, the came out with a TIG welded Aluminum frame.

In the mid-90's they lost the rights to the Medici name, but continued on as Simonetti cycles. Nothing changed but the name. They now makes lots of Al frames, as well as Scandium and Foco tubesets. They're still quite active in the SoCal racing scene. At a crit Sunday, I must have seen a dozen Simonetti bikes.

Virtually every Medici I ever saw had a tubing decal on it, so I suspect your bike may be the victim of a garage repaint.

Like another poster, I regret getting rid of mine, which was a '92 Tange Prestige OS lugged steel frame. Great bike. I definitely think it would be worth fixing up. You might consider getting it repainted by Simonetti - they don't charge a whole lot, and they'll do any paint job you can think of.

The phone # on their website may be wrong - they recently moved to Huntington Beach from Chino. Their current # is (714) 842-3206.