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Repair of Tufo tubulars?(5 posts)

Repair of Tufo tubulars?Dog
Jul 17, 2001 6:03 AM
Anyone have any experience with repairing Tufo ("tubeless") tubulars with the slime stuff they provide? Does it really work? Anyone not had it work? Any other comments on Tufo's, either tubular or clincher tubular? Thanks.

my S33 special tubulars:d_alex
Jul 17, 2001 6:27 AM
I have a set of these tyres, which I bought for long road rides in the countryside. They seem to be the best-made tyre for the money, being as well built as tyres costing twice as much. They are, however, essentially unrepairable. Nashbar actually sells the S22 as it's own house brand tubular.
As with most quality tubulars, they were tight going on. They have nearly zero runout. The rubber is a special hard compound, and is completely black, sidewalls included. The base tape is a bit narrower than on most tubies. They ride a bit harsh. These tyres cost me $38 each. I have inserted 14 ml of sealant in only the rear tyre, and have yet to puncture. I don't even get nicks in the tread of these things! The slimy stuff, however, DID plug up the valve. I had to remove it, and clean it in hot water to get it to work again. When you put the gunk in, make sure you inflate it to the CORRECT pressure right then.
I HAVE also tried using SLiME in a Conti Sprinter, and can attest to the fact that nobody else should try THAT combination. The manufacturer of SLiME states that it is NOT intended for glass or metal punctures, and it seems to only work on small thirns and thumbtacks. Such small things rarely get through casings such as that on a Sprinter, anyway, and the green goo makes the most awful mess of the casing.
re: Repair of Tufo tubulars?slbenz
Jul 17, 2001 7:24 AM
Doug, I own a pair of S33 Pro tubulars with about 1000 miles of use on them. I have yet to experience a flat. I did install the Tufo sealant in both tires and have seen the sealant seal a leak in the rear tire pumped at 175 psi only once so far. No air loss that I knew of during the ride. Even checking with a tire gauge, no air loss. Only noticed the sealing effects after the ride. Saw a little bit of the sealant on the tire from a small puncture. Like the other poster, the ride can be harsh at the max pressure. Also, if you need to pump the tire up, make sure that the tire valve is not at the bottom of the tire or some of the sealant will come out when you disconnect the tire pump from the tire valve. Definitely the tread compound to tough and durable. The Tufos are easy to install as well, currently on a set of 2001 Zipp 404s. A great place to mail order for Tufo tires is at Good luck!
Jul 17, 2001 7:36 AM
Sounds like the Tufo's with some sealant may be a good solution to run tubulars without a support vehicle. I'm going to try the S-3 Lite 215's on my Zipp 303's and see how it goes. Just hope I don't get stranded. Thanks to both of you.

Jul 17, 2001 8:25 AM
Over 2900 miles on 2 and one-half sets of wheels (2 front, 3 back) and one flat. The flat is quite small, in fact I can not find it. The tyre loses air after 2 days so it's in there somewhere. I must say that these Tufos are durable and the ride is not that bad, certainly better than high-end clinchers. Go for 'em.