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Haiku time, round II: Glory be to Estrogen on Wheels!(4 posts)

Haiku time, round II: Glory be to Estrogen on Wheels!Marlon
Jul 17, 2001 4:48 AM
Saw a couple of female competitors last Saturday at the road race I was at, and I was so inspired, I decided to write some haikus:

Girl crests top of hill
Grunts and heaves with such effort
Estrogen on full

Sweet smell of woman
Hot sweat mixing cool passion
I smell so stinky

Soft curves pass me by
Lithe limbs of beauty cranking
Catch me if you can

Silky smooth she rides
Legs that spin with silent grace
I sit in her draft

Bodies in lycra
Tautness and fitness defined
Uncatchable speed

Sprinting bodies fly
Angels whose beauty so grim
Soar to victory
re: Haiku time, round II: Glory be to Estrogen on Wheels!Lazy
Jul 17, 2001 5:13 AM
Wow! Look at her ride!
Is that a LOOK she's riding?
OUCH! I hit park'd car.

American male
I slobber as I'm riding.
Couth: not a strong suit.

Nothing quite as fine
As a peloton of babes.
I hate getting dropped.
TDF and l'Alpe HAIKU...didn't think i'd stay quiet, didja?Haiku d'état
Jul 17, 2001 1:44 PM
won't make donut jokes
about the german wonder
fit as a fiddle

a shame, livingston
fiendish in telekom duds
no help on d'huez!

stage ten: l'alpe d'huez--
lance decimates telekom!
you really surprised?

the mountain time trail
will we see lance use two bikes,
or just one with wings?

spinner or masher?
jan ullrich is a masher;
lance punches the sky!

listening at work
network down this afternoon
...wasn't this morning...

wore postal polo
bright yellow, forty five bucks
to help lance, the man


whenever i don
the sunshine shirt, coworkers:
battery comments


tonight in the wash
wear it again tomorrow
MTT mojo


this weekend i'll wear
99 postal t-shirt
for the pyrenees


doing my part to help
can't take a pull on uphills
so...shirts and haiku
Thanks Marlonlonefrontranger
Jul 17, 2001 2:51 PM
That is very much appreciated. And very well-executed, too! Glad to hear that even with your dubious first-race experience you had some positive memories to hold on to.

I always wondered what the Cat 4-5 guys thought in races where the Women's fields rode them down. ;-) Nice to know at least some are appreciative, rather than just feeling kicked in the ego. Bike racing is a beautifully savage sport, regardless of the participants' gender.

Look around for copies of ABC's HP Women's Challenge coverage from the past few years. Barring OLN, that was the best broadcast racing coverage I'd seen, and put their cheesy TDF stuff to shame.

BTW, it does get better, believe me. In my very first crit, I took one pedalstroke off the line, and yanked my back wheel out of the dropout so hard that it completely tacoed. No spare, no free lap, no race :(