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heart rate monitors(2 posts)

heart rate monitorsallen
Jul 16, 2001 12:19 PM
wife is getting me one for birthday
am new to road biking
have done one century
wanna train wiser cuz got a kid on the way
fraid saddle time is about to decrease significantly
what's a good monitor for around one fifty or less?
thanx for suggestions
Sigma Sport--GREAT bang for the buck!boy nigel
Jul 16, 2001 1:17 PM
Check out the PC-14.

I got it a little while ago. I don't leave for a ride without it now. I love the fitness gains I've seen with it. Colorado Cyclist sells it for $69.99, but it's got the features of a Polar that's about TWICE the price.

On the linked Web site, check out the "Testcenter" at the bottom of the page. It allows you to click through the buttons and functions. It calculates calories (a SUPER thing to see after a ride!) and gives you settable heart rate zones with visual/audible alarms and big-time features. The only thing it can't do is download into a PC. So I punch in the numbers myself--no biggie. Well worth the few bucks for a quality piece of training equipment that can really get you the most out of your workouts. Check into it.