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need help with upgrades(13 posts)

need help with upgradesnewbie
Jul 15, 2001 5:09 PM

I posted here about a week ago about an 87 cannondale I purchased. I've been riding it everyday (only about 12 miles a day or so) and I'm not enjoying the biopace very much. I like riding so far though =).

My questions are:

Can I upgrade to current 105/ultegra crankset/BB on this bike? Would this require upgrading derailleurs?

Should/Can I just change the chainrings?

Also, I want to go triple crank (My rides are in a very hilly area) what options do I have?

Any information about the best solution, and relative prices of various solutions would be great.

It has been suggested not to spend too much money since the bike is already so old, however, I don't like the biopace, and triple would really help for a newbie riding hills.

need help with upgrades - adding more infonewbie
Jul 15, 2001 5:35 PM
I just checked my bike. I have 12-28 in the rear, and 42/52 in front.

I know, with 28 in the rear you guys must be thinking I'm really out of shape if I can't climb with that. Actually, I'm in very good shape, (just did a sprint tri and finished pretty well) but I will be literally riding this bike up a mountain every weekend. Also, I'm probably not in very good biking shape since I'm a newbie.

Will this (please look) work?

Try this first......Rusty Coggs
Jul 15, 2001 6:17 PM
....before going for a triple. Replace chainrings to get rid of biopace.. You have 130 BCD rings. Put on a 38 tooth small ring. You can do a triple but will need a crankset,BB of proper type and spindle length.(The one you have on your old double may be long enough for a non splined triple crank) and a triple front derailer. You can get by with current RD but will not enough chain wrap capacity to allow use of several of the smaller cogs when in the granny.No big deal since it's just a bailout.
can you look at the link in my previous messagenewbie
Jul 15, 2001 6:34 PM
Will that be all I need for an upgrade? Also, what would be the cost of labor for putting that stuff on?
Sure it'll work.......Rusty Coggs
Jul 15, 2001 7:39 PM
....but it's only a double. the post by LC mentions some other viable options.Sorry,but I don't do labor.
can you look at the link in my previous messageCliff Oates
Jul 15, 2001 7:51 PM
Check this link: Branford Bike Shimano Chainrings. A new set of Shimano rings would run $65 for Shimano 7/8 speed. Your LBS can also order these items for you, although they would probably charge a bit more, and installation would be quite simple for them to do. FWIW, if you buy the parts from your LBS, they will likely install them for you as part of the purchase price. If you buy them mailorder, your LBS will charge you their prevailing rate for installing them.

Given the age of the bike and the rings, it wouldn't hurt to have the LBS check for chain wear and possibly replace the chain and cassette/freewheel at the same time as the rings, should it be necessary. If the chain is worn and you run a worn chain on new rings, you will be in the market for another set of rings before too long. If you're going to drop the cash on new rings, you ought to make sure everything else your chain comes in contact with is in good shape too.

I would not replace your existing crankset unless you had to, and you don't.
can you look at the link in my previous messageLC
Jul 15, 2001 7:59 PM
I never owned biopace, but I don't think can put regular rings on a Biopace crankset.
can you look at the link in my previous messageCliff Oates
Jul 15, 2001 8:06 PM
According to Sheldon Brown (what would we do without that man?), you can:
Cliff is right.......Rusty Coggs
Jul 16, 2001 5:39 AM
.....BCD on the biopace road stuff is 130mm,same as current road stuff. And, I did not even have to consult Sheldon on that one. A side note, check for rings,to possibly save a few bucks on do it yourself. Also, is my source for a 38 tooth Sugino small ring in 130BCD.
SometimesCliff Oates
Jul 16, 2001 7:37 AM
It's convenient to enlist the aid of a higher authority to resolve disputes. The last biospace rings I saw were mounted on very ordinary looking cranks.
can you look at the link in my previous messagenewbie
Jul 15, 2001 8:19 PM
Thanks for the advice. I just had the freewheel changed by my LBS to what it is now (I think 13-28) but the LBS said nothing about the chain. Can I look for wear myself?
can you look at the link in my previous messageCliff Oates
Jul 15, 2001 8:25 PM
Sure, all you need is a ruler. I'm going to be lazy and just point you at another article on Sheldon Brown's site, since he says it so well and has pictures and all:
re: need help with upgradesLC
Jul 15, 2001 7:19 PM
Your best bet is a compact road double crankset 36/46. This would be the least amount of money to spend since you would not have to change anything but your crankset and chain length. A compact road crankset is hard to find, but they do exist; so look hard and ask at your local shop too. I know Shimano used to make them, but not sure if they still do or maybe someone else makes them. I use a 36/46 crankset with a 11-28 cassette and it works great on my climbing bike. 46-11 is just high enough that you don't spin out and 36-28 is a nice climbing gear.

If your search fails or you want a even lower gear you could use a mountain crankset, just take off the small ring and use 32 or 34/44 rings. The smallest chainring (22) is really to low and your deraileur won't be able to take up the slack to handle it, so you really should take it off to avoid the temptation. It may also mean purchasing custom larger chainrings. Your chain line will also be slightly off, but it will still work.