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My experience of buying my first (well 2) bikes in 13 years(2 posts)

My experience of buying my first (well 2) bikes in 13 yearsGrinder
Jul 15, 2001 2:32 PM
My Panasonic DX3000 was 13 "trouble free" years old and had ABOUT 13,000 miles on it. YET - I needed something to get my blood going again.

So - I decided to pull the trigger and spend what I had on another "entry level" road bike. After all, it's really all I need, nothing sporty/fancy, just something that will do me good.

WELL! It was certainly easier 13 years ago looking for a road bike then it is today. Very few shops had a large selection of road bikes here in Madison. And the ones they did were all top end Treks and Cannondales (top end = anything more then I can spend).

I did research (thanks to this website) an found a Giant ORC2 and after reading 18 glowing reviews decided that was a leader in my search.

HOWEVER - right next to the Giant's were a few Fuji Finest and Ace's. The Ace was $250 less then the OCR2 Aluminums. hmmmmmmm!

Well - my frugality took hold and because the Fuji Ace fit me SO WELL, I chose it.

I went to a ride and the hub went CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, drowning out my wife's hybrid Mongoose click click click as we coasted.

THIS was an issue - I loved the bike but I HAD ISSUES on loudness.

All night long I tossed and turned, I spend hours scanning websites looking for reviews, reading Geometry of the Giant OCR2 and the Fuji Ace and Finest. Looked at the specs and tossed and turned more.

I couldn't sleep.

This morning I took the Fuji back and forked out a few hundred more for the Giant and am now happy. If you buy a bike every 10 years, get the one you want and not the one you can afford. :-)

I've never ridden an Aluminum bike and might as well find out what the differences are. PLUS - it LOOKS COOL!

One big difference between the two. The Fuji saddle was very nice, very comfy. The Giant sucks!
BTW - the shop took the Fuji back - no prob at all no textGrinder
Jul 15, 2001 2:33 PM