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Good SAG stops on the Prince William Parkway this Sunday ...(4 posts)

Good SAG stops on the Prince William Parkway this Sunday ...Humma Hah
Jul 15, 2001 9:23 AM
... Today marked a couple of firsts for my wife. She has always considered summertime too hot for riding (historically, about 4 days per year, two in spring, two in fall, are what she considers good riding days). But this morning, with spring-like weather, we started out on a ride down Prince William Parkway's bike path.

The round trip was 18 miles, a distance record for her. This ride got me up to about 140 for the week.

We averaged 10 mph saddle time, but added about an hour off the bikes. She kept seeing wildflowers she wanted to check out, and there were a few blackberry patches.

On the return leg, we managed to empty a couple of water bottles, now full of juicy, sweet blackberries. She's planning to pick up some diet icecream this evening.
re: Good SAG stops on the Prince William Parkway this Sunday ...Car Magnet
Jul 15, 2001 11:24 AM
That's great HH. Congrats to your wife on the new record. Hope you and your wife enjoy the fresh berry sundaes!
Hey HummaPyg Me
Jul 15, 2001 6:09 PM
I take it you are in Prince William County VA?

I was just there.

A group of 20 Houston police officers road from Houston to LA and then to New York to raise money for Luekemia/Lymphoma Society.

We had a 2 day lay-over in Manasas.

I have to say though, I am not very impressed with the Prince William County Police. All over the country we were treated exceptionally well by the local police. PWC on the other hand....

I got interogated while doing my laundry and a local laundry mat. SHEESH!!
I used to get along pretty well with them ...Humma Hah
Jul 15, 2001 6:57 PM
... I've had few dealings with the PWC police in recent years, but I like the Manassas department. PWC has never struck me as the best I've ever seen, but they generally seem to do their jobs.

A couple of decades ago, my old apartment complex established the ultimate Neighborhood Watch, they trained some of the residents as security guards and set up a security service under an existing security company, run by a former PWC policeman. I got conned into it because my wife was on the Board and they needed one guard with an IQ above 45.

This was a fun job: if you didn't get your life threatened about 4-5 times a night, you weren't doing your job. Got jumped once, they tried to break my ribs but were unaware I was wearing a Safariland vest under the leather jacket. In court, the bad guys distinctly remembered that big steel flashlight I carried.

So the PWC police were in and out of the place often. Their undercover cops borrowed our visitor logs, and soon the drug dealers were gone. We gave them tips for various illegal activities. The best episode came when we'd been monitoring the scanner and heard about an escaped prisoner: had been arrested in Manassas for a knife and hatchet fight, but gotten away. He had connections in the apartment complex, and another guard and I stayed late to see if he showed. He did, we tailed him and called the cops, and they got him. PWC offered us jobs, and Manassas loved us dearly.