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New bike lesson??(7 posts)

New bike lesson??pjkad
Jul 15, 2001 9:05 AM
Did my first long rides this weekend on my new Seven Ti. It is Lexus like in all ways and fits better than my Cannondale. But half way into my first 50 miler I started to get pain just above my right knee cap. I have never had this before. My LBS confirmed my position was good but said this is a common occurrance with people who get new lighter easier to ride bikes. The reason is that it feels fine to ride in harder gears at lower cadence than before, and the mashing is putting new pressure on the knee. The answer is to keep cadence up (even higher than before for awhile) and not be lulled into changing style. I tried this today and still had my soreness from yesterday but it was better. Will keep trying. Hope this is the cause (I know other things are possible). But the lesson is don't become a masher just because its easier, when spinning is your style.
re: New bike lesson??Lone Gunman
Jul 15, 2001 9:53 AM
Rest, ice, Compression?, elevate. It is an overuse injury, at least that is what it sounds like, especially if it is a stinging sort of pain. Ice and anti inflammatory will make the most diff.
re: New bike lesson??Grinder
Jul 15, 2001 2:11 PM
From my experiance - and two! many knee operations/problems you are dead on. Take the anti inflammatory until your ear rings and then when the pain stops take them for a few more days.
re: New bike lesson??LC
Jul 15, 2001 10:00 PM
There is a good chance that your knee-over-pedal position has changed. The common occurrance with a lighter bike sounds like B.S. to me. Your old bike may have not fit, but you probally were used to it. Check your K.O.P. on both bikes and see if it changed. Changing your K.O.P. takes a while to get used to, at least it did for me. You also may have a shop that is trying to use the seat rails to get the proper reach, instead of changing the stem length as they should. A piece of string and a little weight is all you need to chech K.O.P.
re: New bike lesson??pjkad
Jul 16, 2001 5:29 AM
I suspect the knee over pedal is at least part of the issue...I do need to get that checked. They set me up without reference to my previous bike. What does it mean that the pain is just in one knee, not the other? Also is there a general direction for this pain in the muscle right over the I need to move my knee position to be more ahead of the pedal or more behind?
On a long shot -- check your saddle orientationbill
Jul 16, 2001 9:18 AM
I have experienced, now and then, some odd pains, and when I looked at my saddle, I found it twisted just a little one way or the other. Unlikely, I suppose, but worth a look -- you probably are getting pains in one knee rather than the other because of a soccer injury when you were thirteen that you can't begin to remember; knees are notorious for non-healing healing.
But, look at your saddle, anyway. When you think about it, if you are seated just a little bit off angle, the difference will be exaggerated by the end of your knee, and it will effect the way your whole leg moves and your cleat orientation and all sorts of important stuff.
re: New bike lesson??LC
Jul 16, 2001 4:26 PM
There are many reasons that could expain one knee pain. I would be rare for a male to sit exactly square on the saddle, since the family jewels are in the way. Most people also push harder with one foot. Could have one leg longer than the other.

I did feel that exact same pain when I got a new bike. I moved my saddle back slightly and the pain went away in a few days. You should really measure it first to see where you are at, before you decide on forward or rearward.