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Follow up post: One hip higher than the other(1 post)

Follow up post: One hip higher than the otherPaulCL
Jul 15, 2001 7:12 AM
First, thanks for all of the replies to my post of earlier this week.

Upon inspection, my wife (an MD) informed me that one hip was higher than the other. So, to alleviate the pain in my left hip (the lower one), I shimmed my cleat on the left side. DUMB!!! Wrong side. Major pain and agony that night. Drain Bamage.

After my wife finished laughing at me for being stupid, we figured out that my left leg was slightly longer than my right. The discrepancy showed up in the form of hip pain only because my average mileage has increased lately (+50%).what did I do?? I raised my saddle about 2mm to compensate for the longer left leg, then shimmed my right cleat about 2mm to adjust for the right leg. The result: After a 50 mile ride yesterday, I had none of the usual pain and discomfort (occasional agony) that I had been experiencing for the last month or two.

I was getting worried, since I leave for a week of mountain climbing in Colorado on the 28th!