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Looks Like Rolf is all done....(5 posts)

Looks Like Rolf is all done....<more and pic>pezzo33
Jul 14, 2001 7:03 PM

New Bontrager X-Tra Light Road Wheels!

Well, there has been speculation on Trek's involvement with Rolf in the Future. I think without Trek, rolf will just dissapear into nowhere...and this may be a sign towards that.
this is a picture of AG2R's team bikes, with their "new" Bontrager X-tra light road wheels. for those of you that do not know, Bontrager is Trek's in house mountain bike component company, now making a foray into the wheelworld.
the design is very similar in looks to Rolf vector comps...meaning the spokes are far enough apart to not infringe on the patented paired spoke technology. I do not know more else about the hubs and such, but would guess if they are calling them X-tra lights, and pushing them for Pro use, then they would be a bit lighter then Comps...

More info to come hopefully

Yeah, can you tell I am having fun learning HTML

More Info here, carbon rims, new components, etc...pezzo33
Jul 14, 2001 7:54 PM
Looks like trek is killing icon also.... rims I would guess would be using treks new OCLV-MC moldable carbon technology..

Waterloo, WI (June 9, 2001) - New for 2002, Bontrager Wheelworks and Components introduces a full compliment of road wheelsystems and components. The new product line ranges from the high tech X-Lite Carbon wheel-system, to an array of clincher tires, bars, stems and seat-posts.

"Given that we have been building world-class off-road wheels and components for years, it is a natural extension of the Bontrager brand to include road parts," said Keith Bontrager.

The new Bontrager road wheelsystems follow the same fundamentals that Keith has always applied to the art of wheel design. Founded in the fact that front and rear wheels undergo different stresses, Bontrager applies different designs accordingly.

Bontrager front road wheels will pay greater attention to aerodynamics, while the rears are laterally stiffer since they are an integral part of the drivetrain. Therefore, there are different rim extrusions for the front and rear, as well as a thoughtful mix of spoke gauges within every wheelsystem.

The flagship models of the Bontrager road wheel line will be the Race X-Lite and the Race X-Lite Carbon. The Race X-Lite is intended to be an outstanding all-around race wheelset that is stiff enough to sprint with the best, yet one of the lightest wheelsets available. The Race X-Lite Carbon will feature a carbon rim produced with Trek's patented OCLV ™ technology. Built in the same world class carbon facility that makes Lance Armstrong's tour winning frames, this new Bontrager wheelsystem has proven exceptionally slippery in the wind tunnel and amazingly light on the scale. The line of wheelsystems will also include two other versions, the Race Lite and Select.

Bontrager will also produce three new road tires in addition to its successful line of mountain and cyclo-cross tires. Bontrager's new Race X-Lite Silica road racing tire features the puncture resistance of a four-ply casing while maintaining the scant weight of a two-ply tire. Activated Silica tread compound minimizes rolling resistance and provides the best traction possible. From the top of the line X-Lite Silica to value replacement tires for road and mountain, Bontrager will offer a complete line of tires for every application.

New Race Lite road bars and stems will feature a 31.8mm bar clamp diameter to add strength and durability without any weight penalty. Each of these new road bars, stems and posts are extrapolations of Keith Bontrager's years of developing world class off-road components. With a zealous attention to detail, these Bontrager parts are designed to maximize durability and performance while minimizing weight. The new Bontrager wheelsystems will make an appearance at this weekend's First Union USPRO Championship under 15 riders. The wheels will debut internationally on the bikes of the AG2R Prevoyance team at the Tour de France. In 1980 Keith Bontrager started his custom bicycle design and manufacturing business in his in-laws' garage. The operation grew from a one-man shop to a small factory until its purchase by Trek Bicycle Corporation in 1995. Over the past 20 years, Bontrager wheelsystems and components have earned their reputation as lightweight, extremely durable parts.
Does this mean...DINOSAUR
Jul 15, 2001 1:16 PM
I'm SOL on locating parts for my Rolf wheels if I encounter problems a few years down the road? Why did Rolf stop production?
Does this mean...pezzo33
Jul 15, 2001 2:27 PM
well, it is not entirely that Rolf stoped production. It is more that Trek did not want to renew its contract with Rolf, and that since Rolf does not have Trek now, he would have to try to crack the aftermarket by himself. In the past, very few of Rolf sales have come aftermaket to go on non-trek, lemond, klein, etc...bikes. he is mainly OEm.
it iwll be tough for him to get going on his own.
I am 100% positive Trek will keep parts in stock for a ocuple years for Rolf owners. It would be bad business for them to lock out so many customers, and they are smarter than is just a question if new rims (replacements for your wheels) and such will say rolf, or bontrager...
hope this helps
i smell an opportunitynutmegger
Jul 15, 2001 7:26 PM
Start looking for great deals on Rolf Wheels at your LBS as they try to clear inventory to carry the new Bontrager line of wheels. Just a thought.