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Wicked Pain in the neck(8 posts)

Wicked Pain in the neckRobert T. Seibert
Jul 14, 2001 6:45 PM
I begin getting a sharp pain at the base of my neck/top of back at about 30 miles. Anybody have a similar problem or helpful suggestions?
re: Wicked Pain in the neckRich Clark
Jul 14, 2001 7:07 PM
Do you wear a helmet with a visor? Remove the visor. That cured my neck pain, anyway.

re: Wicked Pain in the neckcycleguy
Jul 14, 2001 7:22 PM
As an old fart I have many pains. Perhaps your stem is to low, your seat to high, your seat to low your stem to high. Your not flexable, your to flexable. Your too old to ride 30 miles, your too young to stop at 30 miles. Your old, your fat, your young, your flexable. You ride to much not enough.

Sorry don't mean to be "an .......". Just a tough question. As I said I have lots of pains. Wish I could really find a fix for some. It's different for all of us.
re: Wicked Pain in the neckLC
Jul 14, 2001 7:35 PM
LOL, this is why they should not let old people use computers. Just try to look around more and stay out of the drops or get a longer stem to sit up higher.
One of those little wheel things....DINOSAUR
Jul 15, 2001 4:45 PM
I'm an old fart also.... try adjusting your position, perhaps a longer stem so you are a little more spread out and you don't have so much weight on your upper body. Upper body exercises are good also along with stretching. Good old fashion push-ups. I bought one of those little wheel things that you use by getting down on your knees and stretch out with your upper body until your back says stop. I purchased one originally for my 15 year old daughter as she is in a fitness craze, but I found it was great to use for strengthening and stretching my upper body. I can really feel the difference, I can get down lower and stretch out. Good for the old abs too. Not expensive either, around $14.00...
re: Wicked Pain in the neckMart
Jul 15, 2001 12:16 AM
I have had that myself. The longer you cycle the worse it gets. Probably something to do with the position on a road bike leaning forward and looking up so you neck is on an angle. As mentioned if your bars are too low this can do it as there is a lot of pressure as you lean forward. I also found it didn't help if I was stretching to far forward although some do like that kind of position. I would alter things a little gradually and see if it helps.

Jul 15, 2001 5:36 AM
I had this for a couple of weeks. It was bad after about 35 km, and I'd feel a little numbness there a few hours after the ride. The pain went away when I started stretching my neck muscles every hour or so. I stop, get off the bike, stand with my feet in line with my shoulders and so that stretch where you clasp the back of your head with your hands and move your elbows together.
re: Wicked Pain in the neckegrand
Jul 15, 2001 11:10 AM
Had similar problems, for me worse in the fall when it cools down. My solution was to intermittently tilt head forwards (put chin onto chest) every 15 minutes or so.