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Need advice on bike shoes(4 posts)

Need advice on bike shoesMee
Jul 14, 2001 6:38 PM
Hi guys,

I am new to the road biking, and I have got my first bike a week ago. I am very excited about it. It came with SPD type clipless pedals, and the thing is, I never used clipless pedals before. That is why I need your advice. I am still a pretty weak rider, and would probably like to start with something less expensive so that I can get used to it.
People at local bike shops suggest that I take some decent "mountain bike" shoes, since they are easier to walk in, and, at my beginner's level, I don't need some slick fancy expensive road shoes.
Are they right? Could you tell me what I should pay attention to while making my choices?

Thank you,
re: Need advice on bike shoesLC
Jul 14, 2001 7:39 PM
I think they gave you excellent advice. Just make sure you still get a stiff sole Mt. Bike shoe or you will not get a good power transfer to the pedal and you could also get hot spots.
re: Need advice on bike shoesCar Magnet
Jul 15, 2001 3:22 AM
Depends on your type of riding. If you plan on making stops or commuting then the MTB shoes are more practical. If you're planning on doing centuries or any type of long haul without stops, then I'd probably go with the road shoe. I don't know much about the MTB shoes but for road shoes it would be hard to beat out the Sidi Genius 3. I really think it all comes down to fit and comfort either way. If you have a MTB then you may find it easier (cheaper) to put the same pedals on each bike, then you can use the same shoe without changing cleats.
re: Need advice on bike shoesVelocipedio
Jul 15, 2001 5:38 AM
Go0od advice. Get the MTB shoes. Go to your LBS and try on a few pairs in your price range. Choose the ones that (a) have the stiffest soles and (b) fit most comfortably. I wear Diadora Chilis on both my road bike and my MTB. I have no complaints.