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steel frames vs. others(1 post)

steel frames vs. othersmtbroadie
Jul 14, 2001 5:40 PM
I currently ride a Bianchi Giro and am looking to build a road racing bike from the ground up. I typically ride 30-50 miles and am looking to do centuries, crits, and team time trials on this bike. I was thinking carbon all the way, but today was cruising by the LBS and saw some steel framebikes. They LOOK NICE with the lugs and classic styling. The last steel bike I rode was "mushy". Well after talking to the shop owner who ONLY carries steel, I decided to try out an Eisentraut. What a ride! It's about a pound heavier than Al but that's no big deal, especially if I use a nice wheelset like Mavic Ksyriums to reduce my rotating weight (I am guessing here). I also liked the Waterford 2200.
So what do people feel about the frame materials steel, aluminum, and carbon. Anyone with an Eisentraut (made in Oakland, CA which is nice) or Waterford?