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HELP knee pain lower front and to the right of my right knee(4 posts)

HELP knee pain lower front and to the right of my right kneeDean P
Jul 14, 2001 1:42 PM
Hi and thanks for reading my post. I'm really getting worried. I have been average about 50 mi a week since early June no problems (500 mi to date). I did a ride last sat and 18 mi in I started to get pain in my right knee. Modest at first but intensifying with time. It runs for the round side bone at the top outside of my shin into the middle side of my knee. I rode another 20 mi to get home. I took all week off. I went to my bike shop last night the fit guy said I looked fine. I went out today, same pain 18 mi in. I have a 400 mi charity ride in early sept. Help!

any thoughts!?! I'm hoping its not the big T (tendonitis)
re: HELP knee pain lower front and to the right of my right kneeAndy D
Jul 15, 2001 6:13 PM
The pain you are describing sounds like you just strained it. Your pedal set up might be the culprit. if you are using a SPD pedal Trash them and go for either a LOOK pedal or TIME. Performance has a good deal for about 70 bucks. Also try spinning a bigger gear. My knees bother all the time before I switched to a Different pedal.
What charity ride are you doing?Mabero
Jul 16, 2001 7:37 AM
Are you doing the Aids tour from Montreal to Portland Maine? If so can you give me the contact information...thanks...

As for your knee...if you are fitted properly I would really consider the pedal. I agree with the other poster that Look or Time is the way to go jsut due to the large platform and efficiency. Also are your cleats centered properly? Make sure they are just over the balls over your feet. Just tweak them every so slightly though.

If the pain persists...see an orthopedist or start warming the knee itself with a heat pad before a ride and ice after.

I would be careful though (as recommended) from going to a slower cadence in larger gears...I can see the reasoning by how it could help but there are some reasons why it won't help and hurt. The major reason being there is such a bigger force now exerted from your legs/knees to pedal.
What charity ride are you doing?Dean P
Jul 16, 2001 8:29 AM
Hi and Thanks I have a pair of speedplays and I have had my alignment checked twice!!!

Mabero I am doing Montreal to Portland pls feel free to email me!!!! I am going to play with some of the positioning to see if it helps

Thanks again