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Follow Up: Pain behind my right knee(3 posts)

Follow Up: Pain behind my right kneeBQ
Jul 13, 2001 2:21 PM
Based on your advice, I did the following:

- Added more hamstring stretches to the program.
- Lowered the saddle a bit, moved it back a bit.
- Made a minor tweak to my shoe alignment on the pedals.

Went out for a quick 20 miler to see how it felt... and I felt NO PAIN. I did keep sliding off the nose of the saddle -- it needs a minor adjustment -- but my knee felt great! After about 10 miles, I started pushing harder -- still NO PAIN! I'll know more tomorrow when I do a 30 miler, but I'm optimistic that this one is history.

My thanks to LC, jschrotz, Jiggy, Mabero, Lone Gunman, Tsculler and Kevin MD for your excellent advice. I was beginning to fear that my 2K bike was going to become a wall ornament. But (queue the music) I'm back in the saddle again...
re: Follow Up: Pain behind my right kneeLC
Jul 13, 2001 2:54 PM
Your welcome. It still amazes me how much difference a few millimeters can make. I have 5 bikes, and you can imagine how much playing around with the setup takes to get all 5 perfect! Just remember to take it easy till your completly healed.
Back in the saddle = Off to the RacesMabero
Jul 16, 2001 6:08 AM
It's amazing how a little can be sooooo much when it comes to biking...just remember to not kill that knee and let it heal while you are adjusting to the new adjustments...


Bike Happy.