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Is Shimano made in the U.S. or Japan? Thanks. (nm)(4 posts)

Is Shimano made in the U.S. or Japan? Thanks. (nm)ALLEN
Jul 13, 2001 11:18 AM
why does it matter?nm
Jul 13, 2001 11:20 AM
if you drive a Honda AccordMade in Taiwan
Jul 14, 2001 8:51 PM
I am also an honda accord enthus... and if you also drive an accord or any honda car, go look at your VIN number. if it starts with the letter "J" it means it's made in japan, and the quality control is a heck of a lot better then the ones with number "1" at the beginning of the VIN number. Number 1 means it was made by American Honda.

while a Japanese and an American Honda accord (4 cyl) are identical and made with identical parts, americans just doesn't seem to have the high standard in quality control...

although, i AM made in Taiwan, so what do i know LOL
re: Is Shimano made in the U.S. or Japan?d_alex
Jul 13, 2001 11:33 AM
The better stuff (Dura Ace, Ultegra, 105) is made in Japan.
The cheap $h!t (RSX, wal-mart bike components, etc) is made in China (possibly even Taiwan). Sometimes, Sh!tmano sells stuff which they have not made with their brand on it (I have some old Shimano Look-type pedals, which weremade in france, by LOOK). I haven't seen anything with the Shimano brand made in the US. they are a Japanese company.