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tweaking fit(3 posts)

tweaking fitmaddog
Jul 13, 2001 7:18 AM
I just got a new cyclocross bike with which I'm trying to tweak the fit. The major problem I'm having is this: when the crankarms are horizontal to the ground, the front of my shoes clip the front tire when making sharper turns. Surely this is not normal? I've positioned the cleats towards the front of the ball of my foot, so far in fact that it's centered almost at the junction between my big toe and the ball of my foot. I shouldn't have to move them forward more, should I?The tires are big (700x40 knobbies that I like to use for trail riding and commuting). Would moving down to a 28 or so make a big difference? Any suggestions for this newbie would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, in advance, for the info.
re: tweaking fitTrent in WA
Jul 13, 2001 11:25 AM
MD, a more experienced rider / bike-fitter than me might disagree, but what you're describing is very common on road (and I would think cyclocross) bikes. I've experienced it on both my stretched-out LeMond and a borrowed undersized and cramped Merckx. Changing tires might help, but I don't think it'd make much difference.

You should be very careful, though, about positioning your foot that far back on the pedal. It seems to me that doing so is going to put a great deal more strain on your calf and hamstring muscles and their associated tendons than the normal, ball-over-pedal spindle position will.

re: tweaking fitLC
Jul 13, 2001 2:04 PM
That is just one of the things you have to live with on a smaller frame. Just make sure your outside foot is all the way at the bottom on a slow sharp turn. It will become more natural, and after a while you don't even have to think about it.