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Bikes vs. Motorcycles(8 posts)

Bikes vs. MotorcyclesMike E.
Jul 13, 2001 6:40 AM
This may be a little off topic, but I am very interested in purchasing a sport bike (ex. CBR 600, GSX-R 600, or an R6). I'm sure there has to be someone on here who owns a bike. Besides the fact that a bike weighs 400lbs and can go 150, how do they compare with riding a road bike? I know that they must be totally different but as far as things like turning are concerned is it the same principle? BTW, I plan on taking my MSF safety course before ever jumping on a motorcycle. One last thing. I know it feels like any wrong move or bump on a road bike going 40 or 50 will result in certain death. It also feels that 40mph on a road bike is very fast, does the speed on a motorcycle feel the same way? Thanks, Mike
Jul 13, 2001 6:53 AM
I've ridden from a Yamaha 125 Enduro up to a 1100cc V-Max. Locked up the read double disc without even realizing it until I felt the rear end gently drifting off to one side. I gently let up on the lever and came to a smooth stop! Whew. It was my buddy's bike!
Motorcycles outweigh the rider, unlike bicycles. So WAY MORE rider input is needed at times, like going around a sharp turn FAST. I never quite got to the "hanging off" stage. You can't enjoy the secenery as much on a motorcycle, cause if you stop watching where you're going, you can end up on the shoulder WAY FASTER! Did that once too. I gave up the motor when I had my first son. It sure is a kick at times not to have to pedal and still be able to LLEEAANNNN into swooping corners.
comparisonsHaiku d'état
Jul 13, 2001 7:30 AM
you can get killed alot more efficiently on a motorcycle (speed).

i've ridden and owned motorbikes from an old hondamatic 400 to a suzuki gs1000 way back ('tis relative), and those folks in SUVs with cellphones and kids in the backseat are as angry and aggressive (or more) toward motorbikes as they are toward bicycles.

bought and sold motorbikes like i do now with bicycles, upgrading as i went (though occasionally downgrading), finally hitting my pennacle when the bike i owned needed more costly work to repair it than i initially paid for it. the shop called with an estimate and, in my youthful ignorance (as opposed to my current late 20s ignorance), told them to keep the darned thing.

mind you, these motorbikes were my only form of transportation, not supplements to a car. very much fun and very much danger, and, geez--like you'll read here about shaving your legs--there are women (many more and of other profiles than you'd think) who are absolutely and irrestibly DRAWN to a guy on a motorcycle. unbelieveable! then again, the (then) long hair, leather and tattoos didn't hurt, either. i'm programmed for monogamy, however. shame, that.

never gave any heed to riding at night/in rain/in snow/in storms/in absolute miserable cold, kinda like i ride the bicycles these days. i think my wife goes along with the time, purchases and accessories for cycling 'cause they keep me in the non-motorcyclist population (among other reasons). i still have the "M" classification on my driver's license, though. ;-)

SPEED: 40 mph on a road bike feels to me like 40 mph on a road bike. 115 mph on a motorcycle feels to me like 80 mph in a car. then again, 110 in a car feels to me like 80 mph in a car. so--it's all about YOUR perception. two suggestions: full face helmet, gloves. oh, and a motorcycle is NOT a vehicle forgiving of sandals.

CONTROLS: if i remember right (it's been awhile), left hand clutch, right hand front brake, left foot shifter, right foot rear brake. different, eh?

have fun!
re: Bikes vs. MotorcyclesSteeve
Jul 13, 2001 8:25 AM
As jeffreyh said, it is all in your perception. They are completely different machines. The bicycle is much, much lighter and much more responsive to your handlebar steering inputs at speeds less than 30 mph. At these relatively slower speeds your bicycle feels "twitchy" (in a good sense) while a motorcycle will feel heavy and sluggish. Obviously at higher speed the motorcycle feels "twitchy" as compared to a car. (I got rid of my motorcycle when I got married.)

As mentioned, the front brakes on motorcycles are the right hand levers (bicycle's front brakes are the left hand lever.) When I had both my motorcycle and bicycle, I reversed the cables on my bicycle's brakes so that they would be like my motorcycles: right hand lever is front brake. I kept my bicycles that way for years, even today I sometimes have to think which is which while riding.
Remember to counter steerk mand
Jul 13, 2001 8:40 AM
Try Anyway, I've owned a Ducati 916 and Honda CBR900 (older models versus what's available now). The weekend warrior will find marginal differences between 900 vs. a 600 and the insurance difference can be significant depending on your age. I would only ride early weekend mornings in rural areas to avoid police and cars. Eventually, it came to a point where I wasn't enjoying it anymore and took too much time so I gave it up. What ever free time I have left, I excersize. I decided to get my heart rate up by pedaling a few hunred miles a week. The differences are obvious but what seperates talent levels is rider input and how much speed they can carry going into turns. 120mph+ feels like 45 on a bicycle. You can go 80mph and not even tell until you get pulled over. If there is any advice I would give would be to invest in decent quality leathers and a helmet and wear it. Don't be like the idiots out riding in wife beater shirts and sandles. If I were to get a 600 today, it would be the CBR due to comfort. Books by Keith Code may help your skill level. Don't give up cycling and good luck!
same situation for me, too...dustin73
Jul 13, 2001 2:58 PM
though, i'm set on an R6 (best bike in it's class). anyway, from my experience, motorcycles feel incredibly stable at 80mph (that's the fastest i got...wasn't my bike). i was so surprised at the stability. i was told that at those speeds, you can't turn the wheel, but i wasn't gonna try, so i just leaned into turns, like a bike.

oh, and in the class, i'm sure they're gonna say something like "you WILL crash. it's just a matter of escaping it with as little injury as possible."
re: Bikes vs. Motorcyclesgrzy mnky
Jul 13, 2001 3:57 PM
You can be fat, smoke and be out of shape and still have fun on a motorcycle.

Riding a dirt bike hard is a serious workout, but different from the bike thing.

Twist of the wrist and you're doing a buck.

Motorcycles are harder to pickup after they fall over and lots more stuff gets broken.

It's way easier to get in over your head and kill yourself/get killed on a motorcycle, but it's going to be over a lot quicker.

Riding a motorcycle will make your more comfortable when riding a road bike fast downhill.

Road rash is not as common on a motorcycle - you either have leather on and walk away with a bruise, or else they cart you to the ER and try to pin you back together, assuming you survived.

It's easier to wind up at a bar with a few to many adult beverages in you and then ride home on a cycle tanked and alone (this would be a bad thing).

My advice would be to get a dirt bike and stay off the street for as long as you can. It'll make you a much faster on descender on a MTB. Dirt tastes way better than pavement.

And least one forgets: riding a moped is like sleeping with a fat chick/guy - it's kinda fun, but you don't want any of your friends to know.
re: Bikes vs. MotorcyclesLone Gunman
Jul 13, 2001 5:18 PM
Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the kid that worked across the street at the Auto body shop had a yellow rice rocket Yamaha and all the time screamin up and down the road. Yesterday morning he ran into the back of a stopped garbage truck. The funeral is monday.