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speed or comfort?(5 posts)

speed or comfort?cyclopathic
Jul 13, 2001 6:18 AM
here's my dialemma:

I have a ride coming next week (600km brevet) and I can't deside which bike to use road or touring. I am faster on road bike (~3mph avg) due to aerodynamics, weight and tires (23mm vs 28), but let's face it it's not gonna take me a couple hrs to ride 375mi, do I really wanna take as much pain?
You could...MrCelloBoy
Jul 13, 2001 6:56 AM
put 25's or 26's on the fast bike, pad the bars a bit mre, etc, etc...
Looks like you gotta tough decision to make. Man, if I'm doing 600km though, I'm going for COMFORT!
re: speed or comfort?Akirasho
Jul 13, 2001 6:59 AM
... yep... the great debate.

Certainly you can attain great speed at the cost of comfort... but generally only for relatively short distances. Comfort would allow you to stay in the saddle longer...

My question would be, what would you be riding if not a road bike? Could it be that your position on the road bike need to be re-evaluated? I've ridden a TT specific bike on a rolling to hilly century and it was not pretty...

Be the bike.
re: the bikecyclopathic
Jul 13, 2001 7:44 AM
my touring/commuter bike.. and this how they differ:
- Al frame vs 520 CroMo,
- aero wheels/fork,
- panniers/rack
- wider handlebar
- wider cheaper tires
- doubles vs tripples
- handling (crisp vs o'k)
- seat (which I can swap)

basically still road bike though I've seen people riding brevets on what could have been Tri-bike (650 rear wheel)

If I had to point at what I think makes "touring" bike slow, I'd say tires, aerodrag, weight, it all adds on.. On long distances something like extra 20-25Wt drag means alot

In terms of comfort my road bike is fine and it still feels fine on something like century. Testify I rode 190mi on it and I was beat up more then I was beat up after riding 270mi on commuter, gotta love fat tires and steel frame.

Yes my a$$ screams for comfort, but lower speed would probably mean I'd have to cut my sleeping time, and ride more in the dark. The other thing if ride goes ok I'd like to see how many miles I can get in 24hr, I won't pull quad, triple century shouldn't be that hard.
Jul 13, 2001 8:00 AM
I'd use the road racing bike, but make some concessions to comfort. I'd keep the 23 tires unless you expect a lot of really rough roads. Maybe just air them up not quite as much. Use aerobars, unless in pacelines, of course. A padded saddle cover works wonders. I got the QR cover from Performance, which is wonderful.

Speed can mean comfort, as some pointed out. The quicker you get done, the easier it is up the hills, the more comfortable you'll be in some ways.

Most of even the RAAM'ers use road racing bikes, with a few on Softrides for portions of the ride. No one on the planet could be more interested in the speed vs. comfort factor than them. I've ridden with a few of them, and they mostly ride ordinary bikes, but with comfortable saddles, aerobars (staying on them as much as possible), but with handlebars a bit higher than a road racer would use. Check it out: