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Santa Cruz Roadster, USCF/UCI legal? anyone know? (more)(2 posts)

Santa Cruz Roadster, USCF/UCI legal? anyone know? (more)pezzo33
Jul 12, 2001 5:57 PM
I have been told that the Santa Cruz roadster may not be road or TT legal for USCF/UCI races. I hope this is not the case, since I have built one into a Time Trial bike.
I was told it was not legal, not due to the wheel cutout (Specialized and Curvelo do the same) but because of the size and shape of the chainstays.
This may seem odd, but I seem to remember last fall when the winner of the Junior World Championship Road Race was disqualified since he had a bike (a mid race replacement from a crash) with chainstays that were too big. seemed odd, but if those were the rules...
Now, I am not saying I will be racing at a high level, but almost any serious race at any level will be sponsored by either the USCF, UCI, or both. Will I be able to use my time trial bike, or did I waste my money?
If anyone can help me out, please let me know.
almost all bikes are USCF legal; don't worry about UCIDog
Jul 12, 2001 7:09 PM
The USCF rules, maybe with the exception of some special juniors rules, are almost wide open. Two wheels, length, width, curved down handlebars (not tribars), and you're ok. No aerobars or cowhorns, unless it's a timetrial, though. No minimum weight or frame configuration rules.

Don't worry about UCI. You won't be doing any UCI races. If by chance you do some day, someone will be supplying your bike for you (you'll be a pro).