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Warming up question(3 posts)

Warming up questionGall
Jul 12, 2001 3:38 PM
hello all...

it seem like it takes me 30 to 45 mins to get warmed up and feel like REALLY riding. when i only have 60 to 90 mins to ride the long warm up really hurts my ride.

is there any way to "speed" up my warm up?

re: Warming up questionLone Gunman
Jul 12, 2001 3:55 PM
Maybe try a high cadence spin for the first 15 mins or so and then crank it up? I often make the mistake of going out too fast to start a ride, especially with a group, and feel like I am trying to catch up for the rest of the ride even though I am staying with the group, as though the HR is 10 to 15 BPM higher than it should be.
re: Warming up questionWoof the dog
Jul 12, 2001 6:11 PM
If you have lots of time on your hands, try taking a hot shower and stretch BEFORE the ride. Just make sure you got your cycling clothes and bike ready before you jump into the shower, so that you could get into your lycra right away and throw your leg over the bike. Beware that this takes an additional 20 min prep for a ride, but the advantage is that you already stretched and warmed up your body. Another warning: hot water may be dangerous to your joints. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor...ha ha.
Woof, the wet dog.