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debulking upper body?(7 posts)

debulking upper body?MrGrim
Jul 12, 2001 1:29 PM
I probably described as having a medium build. I develop muscle pretty quickly and am one of those guys who just seems to stay "built" without really working at it. My question is... how can I "debulk" my upper body for cycling? I've been riding for 6 years now but still can't seem to loose the muscle mass in my arms & shoulders with riding/dieting.
Careful what you wish for ...Humma Hah
Jul 12, 2001 2:06 PM
... Lance Armstrong did it with a bout of cancer.

Are you riding for fitness, or to race? And, if racing, at what level? Trying to debulk from a "medium build" may be a little extreme for anything but the most competitive racers.

My riding style does work my upper body to a degree, but I'm a singlespeeder, and I work the bars a lot when climbing. I know a lot of roadies who'll so something similar when climbing steeper hills. I think a modestly strengthened upper body might be beneficial to riders who do a lot of climbing, where speeds are slow and wind resistance is not so critical.

Folks who ride mostly in the flats, where speeds are higher, probably don't work their upper bodies very hard and so don't bulk up much.

Arnold Schwartenegger reports that he adjusts his build routinely for movie roles, increasing or decreasing muscle mass by as much as 30 pounds, just by altering his workout. That's pretty extreme -- I'm more like you, don't seem to change all that much.
try runningdpeairs
Jul 12, 2001 2:06 PM
I would try running some if your knees can take it. don't try to go too hard, just go long. also start up slowly to avoid injury (don't increase mileage more than 10% a week) I am a triathlete and have trouble putting on mass on my top (not that I really want to put alot on, but you got to look good for the ladies) and I am fairly sure it is because of the running. Maybe try building up to running twice a week, one run of 1/2 hour and another of 1 1/2 hours. If I have ever seen someone who is definately debulked in the top it is women marathoners.
kind of along the dieting lines, something else to try would be eating more meals through out the day or even just eating constantly. also try to eat something healthy before eating something unhealthy.
do you know what percent body fat you are appox.? I would start by getting rid of that until maybe 3-5%, then worry about the muscle mass.
I have also heard that chemo works well.
Do you still lift???PaulCL
Jul 12, 2001 2:07 PM
If you do, stop or change your style. I put on muscle mass easily too (I put on twinkie weight easily also). I changed my weight routine from three days/week to one or two. I also went from 2 sets of 8-10 reps of high weight, to two sets of 18-22 reps of lower weight. Keeps the strength, increases endurance, no bulking up.

Hey, if your built...who cares?? Why? Like shaved legs "women love it"
Jeez, I have just the opposite problem...cory
Jul 12, 2001 4:09 PM
This is one of those "grass is greener" things...there are millions of people out there who'd LIKE a little upper body muscle mass, for function and appearance. I lift pretty regularly, and it makes me stronger but not visibly bigger.
FWIW, I agree with whoever said to be careful what you wish for. Unless you're an elite racer finishing second all the time, this doesn't sound to me like much of a trade. If you're determined, though, I don't see how plenty of aerobic exercise and no lifting can fail. It may not be as much weight as you expect, though. Imagine molding your pecs out of hamburger...probably wouldn't take more than a pound or two.
re: debulking upper body?LC
Jul 12, 2001 7:09 PM
You will have to work out at the gym with a lot of reps and light weights. It's the only way to fight genetics.
I have done it.PingPong
Jul 13, 2001 2:07 AM
I have lost a lot of mass from my upper body compared to last year. It wasn't my intention but I acheived it by putting on about 10 pounds over the winter, and then losing it in spring on the bike staying seated on nearly all climbs.

As I say, I didn't plan to lose it, and come autumn I will start doing a few weights to put it back on. I have read that when losing weight through dieting you oten lose muscle mass, I think this was the key - avoiding any stress on the muscles of the upper body whilst losing that lard.