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Injury downtime...have any suggestions?(4 posts)

Injury downtime...have any suggestions?Gecko
Jul 11, 2001 11:05 AM
I have been dealing with chondromalacia and tendonitis in both of my knees for four weeks now and am looking forward to four more weeks of icing and physical therapy.

This post isn't meant to be a request for sympathy, I'm only asking to hear what others have done to keep themselves occupied while watching the dust gather on their components!

Are there any good books out there? Any other atypical suggestions?

Can you still swim?Mabero
Jul 11, 2001 11:22 AM
That really sucks that you'll be off the bike for 8 weeks or can always watch OLN and just be envious of the gorgeous bikes they ride.

As for books to read, we all have much different tastes for instance, I am a Mathematician so what I read for fun is not what others would agree on.
Can you still swim?Gecko
Jul 11, 2001 11:44 AM
I have been swimming on a much-shortened schedule. Is that what you have done? My doctor encouraged continuing that activity as much as possible. Now if only my local athletic club relocated the women's locker room downstairs...

If you are familiar with any good books, don't hesitate to recommend any! You're a Mathematician? I'm a field ecologist who routinely reads books on island biogeography, murder and political mysteries, and photography. Oh yes, I cannot forget those works by Rowling and Tolken!

Thank heavens for OLN and the ability to envy! I agree that admiring the bikes of others is a great way to pass the time, but I will always like mine the best! Heck to those who think that shocking green, non-Celeste colored Bianchi's are tacky.

Thanks for the tips. May your statistical results always be significant! (Now say that three times and very quickly)! Ha!
Biking and Statistics...I love it!Mabero
Jul 11, 2001 12:14 PM
I broke my ankle last year and as I recovered I just swam. Back then I was huge mountain biker / runner. Then I got into riding cause my ankle hurt to run.

Swimming is a lot of fun if done with friends otherwise it gets very dull unless you are snorkeling or something of the sort. Ever try to Kayak? I've always wanted to try and some local lakes will let you rent on for a day. It doesn't seem like any work on the knees and it's great upper then you can go swimming if you want.

For me I swam everyday with a strict workout regime. I needed to swim cause I had to relearn walking on my ankle...and you can take all your weight off when you swim. Plus you can build those small muscles back into shape without putting your weight on it.

As for statistics...well its funny you are mentioning that. I have a program that I wrote in C that will take in my daily data and stores it while outputting various stats on my biking performance.

But now I am writing a better one: a windows based application. Its hard but its a lot of fun. I hate excel so I just have to do this.

It's not up and running...but when it is I figure I'll distribute it here online for feedback and improvements that I can make. And like yourself we are all we all could benefit from a good Biker Computer Program.