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Experience with Tufo tires?(6 posts)

Experience with Tufo tires?JoeKlein
Jul 10, 2001 12:22 PM
Anyody have any experience with Tufo's tubular clincher tires? I'm looking to replace my Conti 3000's. Any good sources to find them at?
re: Experience with Tufo tires?Mike K
Jul 10, 2001 12:32 PM
If you are replacing Conti 3000's you are looking for clincher and NOT tubular tire - very different animals...
re: Experience with Tufo tires?JoeKlein
Jul 10, 2001 12:38 PM
Check out They're a Chzech company that's been making tubular track tires for years and now have a "tubular" tire that works on clincher rims, ie tubular clincher. No need for rim strip or tube so the weight savings seems pretty good. Check out their cross sections of the tires on their website.
interestingMike K
Jul 10, 2001 12:48 PM
their stuff looks interesting... but the biggest thing for me with training on clinchers has always been the ability to easily patch tires on the ride without having to carry a spare tire..
TufosJon Billheimer
Jul 10, 2001 4:20 PM
A lot of triathletes in the Edmonton area ride on tufos. They weigh about 50 gr. more than an Axial pro plus tube. However, they're much less puncture prone, and when they do they'll self seal if you use the injectable sealant that comes with them. Because of their high inflation pressure you also get the added benefit of lower rolling resistance than clinchers. Their durability and ride quality are very good. There's also a safety benefit to them when they do puncture. They depressurize slowly and you can continue riding on them when they're flat, with no damage to your rims. Hope this helps.
should have kept my mouth shut about flats....Mike K
Jul 10, 2001 9:57 PM
picked up a staple in my front tire (Axial pro with 200 miles on it) on my ride this afternoon - guess I should have kept my mouth shut about the ease of flat repair.. The up side was that the tube did not go flat till my inspetion at home - noticed the staple, pulled it out and ppppsssssss, that nice sound of air rushing out.. Oh well :-(