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killer hybrids(5 posts)

killer hybridsET
Jul 10, 2001 7:20 AM
There's a new class of bike out there besides road bike, touring bike, cyclocross, hybrid and Mtb. It's so new that there's no standard industry name yet, but it's variably called urban stealth vehicle, Street or Flight bike; I'll call them killer hybrids. They're essentially a quality cyclocross frame with rather skinny road tires but with upright handlebars. They're meant for commuters, couriers, etc. who want a more upright ride but still want to zip through traffic and blow away all other cyclists on the road while doing it aside from roadies (well, OK, that's what I want :-)). Some examples are the Cannondale Bad Boy and Road Warrior series, Specialized Sirrus series, Ridgeback from England, and Marin Sausalito. Some do have road drop bars, but they are highly positioned, e.g. the Cinelli Racing Rat. These bikes are not cheap, and they typically have higher quality components than typical hybrids (e.g. Caad3 or 4 frame, Shimano 105 components, etc.) Some have doubles rather than triples. Their weight can come in at 22 lbs or below.

My commute to work is 8 miles and doable by bike, but I'm not in the mood to use my road bike during rush hour. One of these things (with, say, clips and straps rather than clipless so I can walk to my desk from the bike rack) sounds like a nice alternative for a roadie type for commuting purposes. Any of you looking into or own a bike of this type?
Trek 7500FX >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Live Steam
Jul 10, 2001 7:54 AM
I just bought my girlfriend one of these. It is set up rather nicely and at a reasonable price. She didn't want drop bars and needed a triple. This seemed to be a nice alternative. It It is a 24lb AL frame with Rolf Vector wheels, Shimano Deore 24 speed and a mix of really decent components. I have seen it priced from $700 to around $900. A friend of mine is an LBS and he let me have it for a little above cost - read below $700.

I recently set up my Rock Hopper with a rigid fork and 1in. Vredesteins to ride with her. I can't force myself to go that SLOW on my Colnago. It looks kind of kool with it's 26in x 1in wheel setup. I get the same performance from it that I think I would get from the Trek or the other "killer hybrids". The conversion only cost me $60.:-)
re: killer hybridsGregJ
Jul 10, 2001 9:16 AM
I was looking into these for a friend to get into casual riding, read shorter and slower than most roadies. I was impressed by them, he ended up with a Sirrus and loves it. Myself I bought a Kona Huma-7 on eBay a while back. It is close to an MTB in position and weight with no suspension. I added slicks. I love it for around town use and to ride with my wife who is not all that fast. Do not overlook the Nexus-7 speed internal hubbed bikes, I think they are wonderful. The gear range is greater than most people think. Check out the Bianchi Milano and bikes by Electra Bike although unfortunately most of the Nexus bikes being sold at the moment are heavy laid back cruisers.
Great bikes, it was an underserved segment.AlexR
Jul 10, 2001 2:15 PM
I love the idea of flat bars on a cross bike, though I don't know if these guys get credit for the idea. It has been around for a couple of years.

Unfortunately, the build kits on these complete bikes can be a bit silly. Discs on a commuter? Front shock on wheel with 23mm tires? 27 speeds on a cross bike?

If you're looking at something like this, I suggest a regular cross bike with a flat bar and grip shift (you can work it with winter gloves), or better yet, a fixed gear cross bike with no shifters!

Enjoy either way,

killer hybrid handlebar tipclub
Jul 11, 2001 7:26 AM
use a touring style upright bar with rise and sweep, and just mount it upside down like the scorchers of a century ago. Use grips, plus wrap the rest of the bar for additional hand positions for hunkering down and going fast.