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fashion police(5 posts)

fashion policeby666
Jul 9, 2001 12:36 PM
heres a question for the bicycling fashion police. how bad is it to wear a jersey with the name of a company on it and you dont own any equipment by that company
I'm sure the company doesn't mind the free advertisementET
Jul 9, 2001 12:49 PM
A different question: do the fashion police find anything wrong with different attire all worn together all from different companies (e.g. Assos short, Castelli jersey, PI gloves)? I buy what fits and works, and the price matters as well. I don't care so much what others think, but the logos are often so big and prominent that the mismatch would be noticeable to all and look bad to me as well. I sometimes reject buying a jersey in particular when the logo is too big; I just don't like it. Usually too expensive too. And makes one look like he's wearing exactly what everyone else is wearing; very unoriginal.
Think for a moment about what your buddies (or strangers) werebill
Jul 9, 2001 2:35 PM
last seen riding. Can you picture it?
Yeah, me neither.
That's how much I think it matters. But I can't say that I haven't wondered the same thing myself.
Gotta tread between looking like a dweeb and looking like you put too much thought into not looking like a dweeb. Both are dweeby, the latter being sort of post-modern dweebism.
I think it depends ...Humma Hah
Jul 9, 2001 1:08 PM
... If you're really slow, it says you think you'd be faster if you rode a bike built by that company.

If you're really slow and you wear a jersey that bears the name of the bike you actually ride, now THAT's bad!

If you're really fast, we can't read your jersey anyway.
My acid test?look271
Jul 9, 2001 9:46 PM
Was it on sale?