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Best bike??(33 posts)

Best bike??Peter E
Jul 9, 2001 11:31 AM
I know there probally is as many ansewrs coming to this as there are psots but;
Are there a frame that is "the best"??
Pinarello Prince, Giant TCR, Colnago C-40, Bianchi, Klein, Trek ??

Any opinoins??
Colnago C-40TJeanloz
Jul 9, 2001 11:34 AM
And if anybody tells you otherwise, they're a lying pawn of the American cycling industry. Everybody knows the C-40 is the best bike ever, and if you don't have one, you're just a wannabe. All other bikes will fall apart before their owners do, and have quality issues. Nobody builds a bike like Ernesto- and trust me, he personally wraps the carbon on each one. I would know, because I once visited the same country that the Colnago factory is in, which is ITALY and don't let anybody tell you it's not.
Sears Free Spirit...PsyDoc
Jul 9, 2001 12:07 PM the best bike ever made. Little known made-up fact: The guy who designed and built the Sears Free Spirit was "laid off" shortly after the success of the Free Spirit. The Free Spirit was manufactured in a small bicycle factory called Gloria, in Milan. Without a job, he decided to try racing and broke his leg riding an Free Spirit that was manufactured elsewhere. A few years later, he decided to start his own bicycle manufacturing company...that man...Ernesto Colnago! So, ultimately, the Free Spirit is the predecessor of the modern day C-40.
Now I'm really mad that mine was stolen when I was a kid! (nm)mike mcmahon
Jul 9, 2001 12:10 PM
I'm the one who stole your bike as a kidAndy
Jul 9, 2001 9:56 PM
I had to spray paint it silver so you wouldn't recognize it.
You butthole!mike mcmahon
Jul 9, 2001 11:00 PM
O.K., if you're such a hotshot bike thief, where did you steal it from:

a) my garage;
b) the front of the Food King;
c) my school;
d) the public swimming pool; or
e) McDonald's?

If you really did steal it, why'd you have to go and paint it silver? I hate silver.

P.S. Can I buy it back?
Sears Free Spirit...geezer
Jul 9, 2001 1:29 PM
he shoulda sent the bike back for a refund
...and another thingMeDotOrg
Jul 9, 2001 12:51 PM
All Colnagos are sealed with the blood of Fausto Coppi, stolen from his gravesite.
Hmm. Then what does Coppi seal their bikes with? nmmr_spin
Jul 9, 2001 4:02 PM
Hmm. Then what does Coppi seal their bikes with? nmMeDotOrg
Jul 10, 2001 10:11 AM
The blood Coppi uses wasn't stolen.
Colnago C-40over rated
Jul 9, 2001 11:41 PM
what kind of cutom option are available on the C-40?????
the one that gets ridden? (NM)ColnagoFE
Jul 9, 2001 11:59 AM
"The Best"Dog
Jul 9, 2001 12:01 PM
How many answers do you want?

How about the best: car, president, state to live in, restaurant, cyclist, etc? It's an unanwerable question.

A legitimate question is, though, what are among the best?

"The Best"AD14
Jul 9, 2001 1:57 PM
The blue schwinn stingray with cheater slicks I could wheelstand forever with the troxel bar. Bought it with allowance. I especially liked the two speed kick - back gears.
Not!terry b
Jul 9, 2001 2:50 PM
it's the purple metal-fleck schwinn stingray that I bought with the money from my paper route. first stingray with 5 speeds. only thing I did not like were the thin tires, much preferred the cheaters on my friend Gary's Orange Crate. However I did have a sizeable speed advantage especially after I replaced the stock shifter knob with a real live Hurst knob off my friend's older brother's 65 Chevelle SS396.
"The Best"Len J
Jul 9, 2001 2:08 PM
Best bike is the one the Neigbor buys for $4,000 and never rides, then to get the wife off his back decides to sell, and It fits you perfectly.
Mine - 'cause it's mine.grz mnky
Jul 9, 2001 12:11 PM
And I like to ride it. What else really matters?

Focusing exclusively on the equipment misses the true point of why we ride.
Question cannot be answered!!!Cima Coppi
Jul 9, 2001 12:15 PM
The question of which bike is the best is one that really cannot be answered, because how does one really base their answer. Build quality is not really a factor because there are several great builders in the U.S. Italy, and Belgium, etc. The best ride is really in the eye of the beholder because when someone may like the firmer feel of oversized aluminium, someone else may prefer the more forgiving feel of carbon fibre or steel.

Then comes the geometry of a frame. Colnago's, Pinarello's, and Bianchi's (to name a few) have one set geometry for their roads racing frames. This works for some, but not all. If one has abnormal body proportions, a mass produced frame (even those hand built) will not be comfortable to ride on.

The best bike in the world is simply the bike that feels the best to rider who owns it. Nothing else can beat it. Period!!

99.9% agree but...Mabero
Jul 9, 2001 12:38 PM
My bike is the other .1% to me :)

I finally figured out when I bought my bike it came down to not what other people think about a bike but it is what I think about the bike. Some frames that I have test ridden people have loved but I found myself not liking it at all...

It's just the same as debating with a friend over who is attractive and who isn't.
Huffy with training wheelsPaulCL
Jul 9, 2001 12:40 PM
Why?? Because my 2 1/2 year old son smiles the entire time he rides that bike. He practically begs me to let him outside so he can ride that bike in circles on my driveway. His complete joy tells me that it must be the best bike in the world.

My point is to agree with the other posts: there is no answer. The best bike is probably the one you enjoy the most. It might be the one you covet the most.

Now, if we rank them by most expensive....C-40 anyone???
Canti Schwinn ...Humma Hah
Jul 9, 2001 1:11 PM
... the bike which the Huffy is a poor copy of.

Your point is taken, is quite valid, and I agree with it. But the smiles should be even bigger the day you can improve that Huffy by taking off the training wheels!
Tommasini Techno. It does it all.Doll Face
Jul 9, 2001 3:56 PM
Almost as light as Ti, but look at all it offers
Entire frame chromed
Chrome lugs with cut-outs
Chrome triangle
Unique dropouts
Unique seat cluster
Lots of engraving
Even has a handpaint metal headtube badge
Nice paint and graphics
Nice seat set-back
Good angles
Rare and hard-to-find
Great ride
Great handling
Best kept secret
Hand built one by one in a small family run shop
More TommasiniDoll Face
Jul 9, 2001 3:59 PM
They offer thousands of different color and graphics combos, this is but one.
I think I'll have one of those please! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Live Steam
Jul 9, 2001 9:50 PM
Who is their US distributer?
Colorado Cyclist and Wm. LewisDCW
Jul 10, 2001 5:48 AM - give them a call.Doll Face
Jul 10, 2001 9:47 AM
It should be noted that the Techno is now built with Nemo tubing to the specification of Tommasini. I called Tommasini to confirm.
Mine; because it fits me like a glove! (nm)look271
Jul 9, 2001 5:50 PM
Tommasini Carbo FireGregGil
Jul 9, 2001 9:28 PM
Ultra Foco Steel, Carbon mono seat stay, integrated headset, carbon fork...sweetest ride I've ever been on including Serotta CSI, Serotta Legend, Seven, C-40. Calfee comes very close, but the Tommasini is truly a work of art and a wonderful secret. More people should try them...And while I agree that there is no "best" bike, this one is worth a try.
re: Best bike??Peter E
Jul 9, 2001 10:48 PM
As i thought there would be the most talk about "there is no the bst bike" wich probally is true. I yust wanted to see if there were any frame that many preffered and wich ones that would belong among the best ones. Seems to me that the C-40 gets a lot of credit, but then again, who would dare to critizice a frame whit that price ;·)
for the $$$$carbonguy
Jul 9, 2001 10:50 PM
get a Calfee tetra pro.
C-40 wins for the most over rated bike around...just my 2 cents
re: Best bike??CFVeloDan
Jul 9, 2001 11:27 PM
Pinarello Montello, the bike is a work of art. I wouldn't want to even ride it, just hang it on the wall and stare at it all day.
Pinarello seat tube angle ?????over rated
Jul 9, 2001 11:40 PM
whats the seat tube angle on that bike and what kind of custom options are there??????????
The one you are riding...gromit
Jul 10, 2001 6:27 AM
It is the only one giving you any enjoyment so it must be the best. They only come 'alive ' when ridden.