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First Road Bike Imput Needed!!!!(5 posts)

First Road Bike Imput Needed!!!!Run-Bike
Jul 9, 2001 10:16 AM
Former runner.47 5'5'' 139lbs.Looking for a bike for Group Rides,Centuries,Duathlon and maybe some racing in the future(miss those 5k road races). Currently riding 110-120miles per week on a Trek hybrid. My price range is $1200-$1500. For my first bike I do not want mail order. I am considering Cannondale 600 or 800,Trek 2200,Univega Modo Volare,Jamis Quest,and maybe a Lemond. At my size and weight will there be a big difference between Aluminum and steel on rides over 2.5 hours? Also do I need a triple ring? Our highest elevation here is 10 feet.Any suggestions are welcome.
Here's a thought:Lazy
Jul 9, 2001 10:46 AM
Since you are limited to a finite number of shops in your area and this is your first road bike, I would recommend buying from the shop that you feel is the most competant. Brand name is not going to make a huge difference IMO. Some things to look for in a shop:

--A professional fitting system (Serotta fitcycle or equivalent). Paying extra for a fitting will be worth it.

--A liberal test ride program. A ride around the parking lot, or even around the block will not do you much good. Find a shop that will let you test ride a bike for an hour or more if possible.

--A good post purchase fit program. You may decide after riding the bike for a week or so that you need a shorter stem or something. A good shop should accomodate this.

--A warm fuzzy. You can usually tell who's just trying to make a sale and who wants you to be happy with your purchase. Stay away from hucksters. Verify advice given to you with friends or in a forum like this if the info seems fishy.

Good luck.
re: First Road Bike Imput Needed!!!!ALLEN
Jul 9, 2001 10:47 AM
Personally, I would go for the Trek 2200, or maybe the Cannondale 800.
I don't think Univega or Jamis are as good quality as Trek & Cannondale. You probably won't be needing a triple ring.

Just my $.02
Good Luck!
re: steelcyclopathic
Jul 9, 2001 7:08 PM
on 3-4hr rides Al would be as good /assuming roads were you live not as bad as in CT/ for longer rides /centuries, doubles, brevets etc/ I'd go with steel or Ti. and yes I am 135lbs and steel feels quite diff from Al on 8-24hr ride

Unfortunately there's not so many Ti bikes in your price range /Monogoose and Airborne?/, so steel is real

If you think you might get sucked in in endurance events, randonneuring, riding BMB get triples.
re: First Road Bike Imput Needed!!!!Only300
Jul 9, 2001 11:13 PM
Giant TCR bikes are very nice, and for the price are equipped better than Treks. Serotta and C'dale also makes great bikes. Visit a lot of LBS's to find out what they carry and to get fit correctly. That is very important.