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I'll miss you guys ... I'm feeling a bit ...(19 posts)

I'll miss you guys ... I'm feeling a bit ...pmf
Jul 8, 2001 9:32 PM
Well, a bit scared. I start a job at the White House tomorrow. Senior Economist at The Council of Economic Advisors. Its gonna cut into my biking big time. And my posting here, which I really enjoy. I took Friday off and got in 200 miles over the last three days. The rest of the time was spent filling out an FBI background check. God, ever try to document where you've lived/worked/schooled for the past 15 years (with reference addresses and phone numbers)?

I'm no republican. Voted for Nader (Dems were a lost cause in VA). But I couldn't turn it down. Good for the resume.

I'm gonna miss you guys. Gotta dress in a suit every day (yuck). I probably won't even be able to surf the Tour (Go Jan!). Happy summer riding everyone. Best wishes ... Peter Feather
I'd also be scared going to the Bush White House ;-)mike mcmahon
Jul 8, 2001 9:50 PM
Sorry to hear we'll be losing another good poster. Not being able to ride much is a drag, but wearing a suit in D.C. every day in the summer must really hurt. BTW, how is the riding in the D.C. area? I spent a few days at my cousin's house in Bethesda in '95 and it looked like a nice place to ride. Unfortunately I didn't have a bike with me. Anyhow, good luck with the new job and try to keep us out of recession.
Thanks Mike, I can't sleeppmf
Jul 8, 2001 10:10 PM
Who knows about this. My first question with Big Guy #2 was "can I ride a bike to work?" The answer was yes. But the hours and my 17 mile round trip commute worries me. Then again, I'm working for a guy who watches TV for information. So perhaps it won't be so bad. God, what a bozo he's been in so few months. Geez, heavy metals in the water, who would worry about that?

It was funny. I talked to a Clinton guy when I interviewed. He rode in. He said "yeah, a bunch of us rode bikes last year, but since the Bush people got here, its down to two people". Kinda says it all doesn't it? Yeah, lets screw up Alaskan wilderness so we can keep all those SUVs on the road. Hey, they have a place, but not here in suburban DC where the air quality is terrible.

Here's another good one. For years, the custom is to let all White House employees out into the lawn to watch the fireworks on the 4-th. This year W decided to limit it to high lever staffers only. Yeah, a great guy who really cares ... I need to shutup. The FBI may read this.
No, you need to shut up because...nutmegger
Jul 9, 2001 7:40 AM
you haven't even begun your job yet and already your talking out of school. Do the words loyalty, duty, responsibility or professionalism mean anything to you? I don't care if you like him or his policies but you're working for us now and the expectation is that you do your job well and save your personal opinions for the dinner table, not public forums. I saw the same kind of crap in the military when Clinton was in office and it made me sick. A guy like you is poison to any organization. If you haven't begun the job yet and are already so disillusioned, how well do you think you'll perform? If you had an ounce of integrity you'd resign or not take the job in the first place. Oh yeah, you took the job to bolster the resume not out of a desire to be of public service. I guess I know what that makes you. Pity though it'll cut into your cycling time. Grow up pmf.
Calm the tiger...calm the tiger...nmMabero
Jul 9, 2001 7:42 AM
Jul 9, 2001 10:20 AM
If the FBI wants to contact me, I will be happy to provide a statement on pmf/"unclesam" based upon public posts at various forums.
Oh and ...pmf
Jul 8, 2001 10:16 PM
I can't sleep.

Biking in DC is GREAT. There's a very active racing scene (disc 20). One mile from my house (in Vienna VA) is a 45 mile paved bike trail that hooks up to another 20 mile trail. I ride 16 miles each way from home to downtown DC and only am in traffic for 1 mile. Its all paved railroad bed. An hours drive is skyline drive. Climbing galore. Biking here is very, very good. The air quality is another issue. I ride on red days. Sometimes I wonder if I'd be better off catching the train and smoking 5 cigs.
Oh and ...mike mcmahon
Jul 8, 2001 10:28 PM
Wow, it sounds like you folks in D.C. might be worse off that we are here in L.A. We still have our share of nasty brown days, but it's nothing like it was when I was a kid in the late 60s and early 70s. We used to have "smog days," when we had to stay indoors during recess and lunch. I imagine that trying to keep a room full of kids indoors on a rainy day is hard enough. Trying to keep a classroom of antsy 1st graders indoors on a sunny 85-degree day was a real chore for out teachers. As far as I know smog days are more or less a thing of the past here. I haven't stayed off the bike because of smog in at least 10 years. Riding in the early morning before all the tailpipe emissions hit the air definitely helps.
re: I'll miss you guys ... I'm feeling a bit ...MalandMo
Jul 8, 2001 10:51 PM
Just wondering, why would a Bush white house want a whiner and bad mouther like you around? You sure complain alot, but I bet you won't turn down your paycheck because of the alaskan outdoors or the firework show, now will you? Sound a little hipocritical to me. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
It's a new era of cooperation and the end of gridlockmike mcmahon
Jul 9, 2001 12:20 AM
Remember, when Bush was elected with fewer votes than Gore, he promised to reach out across party lines and end gridlock in Washington. He promised to work with representatives of all parties to do what was in the country's best interest. Surely President Bush wouldn't mind having someone in the White House that doesn't agree with all of his positions. Right?
re: I'll miss you guys ... I'm feeling a bit ...CyclingWolf
Jul 9, 2001 12:09 AM
Just curious why would you have to stop posting or reading this board? Is that forbidden now that you have taken this position? I see you mentioned they took away fireworks etc. now are they taking away your righs to post or read a great message board?
He'll be backnutmegger
Jul 9, 2001 7:47 AM
He just wanted to toot his own horn about the White House gig. Guy like that needs attention.
True...very true...(nm)Mabero
Jul 9, 2001 8:51 AM
best of luck!Duane Gran
Jul 9, 2001 7:08 AM
I'm sure this is going to be a very good experience, Peter. It will undoubtedly cut into your lifestyle a little, but this is an opportunity of a lifetime, regardless of the administration that is in place. I happen to agree with your political stance, but I'm sure this is going to be a powerful experience that you will treasure for years.

I wouldn't give up on the prospect of riding to work though. If your office has sufficient space I would just store your work clothes there. Seriously, dry cleaners are a dime a dozen around that area (and I wouldn't be surprised if one doesn't have pickup/dropoff to the White House). I'm sure you have thought through the scenerio already, but I encourage you to keep looking for a way to maintain your cyclecommute.

Sometime we should get together for lunch. I work in the Capitol Hill area and would be glad to swing down to your area of the city.

re: I'll miss you guys ... I'm feeling a bit ...TJeanloz
Jul 9, 2001 11:13 AM
If you need an analyst peon, I'm your man. The job market for recent college graduates is boardering on terrible. If this unemployment spell lasts much longer, it's back to managing the bike shop for me.
already? real sorry...ET
Jul 9, 2001 1:35 PM're a casualty of the economics you studied. Are you willing to re-locate to Balto/DC? There's more economics jobs here.
At this point,TJeanloz
Jul 10, 2001 11:08 AM
I'm willing to relocate anywhere.
Good luck! But before you know it...ET
Jul 9, 2001 1:00 PM'll be checking out this site from your White House PC. No one will be watching you, will they? :-)
re: I'll miss you guys ... I'm feeling a bit ...AD14
Jul 9, 2001 2:03 PM
Sounds like a good gig. Best of luck in ALL YOU DO.