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cowhorn bars on roadbike, but not for TT or tri(7 posts)

cowhorn bars on roadbike, but not for TT or triMade in Taiwan
Jul 7, 2001 2:08 AM
I am toying with the idea of putting on a cowhorn bar on my road bike. Occassionally i ride a mtb with straight handle bar with bar ends. When i'm on the road bike, i'm either on the top of the regular road bar or on the hoods. Only probably 1% of the time am i in the drops. Additionally, the bar ends on the mtb handle bar seems to be easier to pull on then the STI hoods. So, instead of actually putting on a straight mtb bar with bar ends on my road bike (actually, that might be a solution, except it'll be hard to mount brake/shifter or sti), would having a cowhorn bar be the best way to emulate the mtb feel? would cowhorn bar work with STI work? keep in mind i don't plan to get aero bars nor do i plan to make this bike a TT or tri bike. would this be a weird set up? anyone else been toying with this idea?
re: cowhorn bars on roadbike, but not for TT or triJofa
Jul 7, 2001 4:14 AM
I used to do have this setup on a fixed-wheel when I was a courier, based prodominantly on the fact that the fasted couriers in London used them, thus dusting them with a razamatazz gloss of glamour. The only kind to have were Mavic, with the writing down the tops. I always liked them in use, even in situations where I might otherwise have been in the drops; the main problem is that if you have them low enough to synthesize your dropped position, then the tops are too low, and vice- versa. On longer rides I missed the versatility of regular bars. These were the days before STI so I don't know how they'd work but I can't forsee a problem.
cowhorn bars with STI (no aero bar) or bar-end shifter/brake lever?Made in Taiwan
Jul 7, 2001 4:49 AM
was thinking of using brake levers that clamps at the end of the horns and bar end shifters (also at the end of the horn) that plugs into the hole at the end of the bar. that way don't need to mess around with expensive STI's. DA bar end shifters plus brake levers comes to around 100 bucks vs. 250 for DA STI's. unless.. if the brake like will work with the cowhord bar, then i'd stick with my 105 STI's (free, since i already have them)

as far as the number of hand positions, i only use top of bar, the bend on top, and the hood so if i can "simulate" or get those three positions plus the "mtb bar end" position, then i'm happy
go for it - looks cool, save weightwes_london
Jul 7, 2001 5:16 AM
no problems for style or function.

its cheap to set up as well. saw off your bar ends and turn them upside down. any set of brake levers will work. and downtube shifters are still available and have less to wrong with.

im not a big shifter and whilst i love the fact that i dont have to move my hands to shift i never really shift that much. will be doing the same thing with my spare frame as i as well am influenced by messenger sensibility and form and the saving of a few bucks whilst bucking a otherwise not considered norm.

a purism all of its own.
re: cowhorn bars on roadbike, but not for TT or triLC
Jul 7, 2001 7:30 PM
I have also been thinking of some cowhorns, but I wonder if I could just cut off the drops of regular road bars (old ones). Could start my own new trend.

Where do I find cowhorns, in case that does not work out?
re: cowhorn bars on roadbike, but not for TT or triLardog
Jul 8, 2001 10:13 AM
I really like the setup. I would have kept it if they were legal. I rode with the setup pictured for a long time.
check out rivendellbianchi boy
Jul 8, 2001 8:57 PM
FYI ... Rivendell bikes ( sells cowhorn bars and has lots of pictures on its website of bikes set up with cowhorns. They also sell brakes and other accessories to fit cowhorns.