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27" vs. 700C(2 posts)

27" vs. 700Cwoe
Jul 7, 2001 1:22 AM
I have a 15 year old touring bike that is really too large for me, but is otherwise a good bike. I'd like to swap out the frame for a smaller size. If I got a 700C frame, Would it be possible to use my existing 27" wheels, assuming I used cantis or v-brakes?

Is the rear dropout spacing going to be a problem? It currently has a 5-speed freewheel & hub. I really want to avoid this cascading into a new wheelset & drivetrain.

re: 27" vs. 700CAkirasho
Jul 7, 2001 9:36 AM
... much would depend on the 700C frame you were using (assuming a tourer or cyclocrosser since you mentioned cantis and V's) as well as your tire...

I suspect that it would probably not be a drop in fit... that is, you'd have to modify some bits and pieces (got a Moto tool?)

The rear spacing again would depend on the vintage of 700C frame you found (and perhaps the frame material)...

I appreciate trying to keep it simple, but you just might be better served (forgive me) with a new rig... while the cascade might sting a bit... it would probably pay for itself in trouble free cycling on more contemporary gear... or you could go custom.

Be the bike.