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More details on this bike...(3 posts)

More details on this bike...Chappie
Jul 6, 2001 9:46 PM
I've got more details on this bike I'm going to look at tomorrow. Guy says it's 6 years old, barely ridden, has a mix of 100/105 components, Look seat, Nisi rims and Italmanubri handle bars. Frame is made by Egidio Barbon. Needs tires as originals are cracking from non-use. Asking price seems fair if it's a decent quality bike.

I do not know too much about road bikes (been riding mtn the last
while) so don't know how that component makeup stacks up. I know about 105 parts, but not 100. The rest is jibberish to me. I guess my questions are does this sound like a reasonable quality bike? I've got the impression it's a entgry level racer??? Is there reasonably priced upgrade paths to take as things wear out? I ask because my mtn bike is 6 years old and to upgrade anything on it requires changing a dozen other things! I'm not looking to do any road racing with it, just a fitness kind of thing. Any other info, please pass along.

Thanks in advanced!
re: More details on this bike...Lone Gunman
Jul 7, 2001 9:31 AM
a six year old bike is not worth upgrading to what is out there today if that is your intent. About 1997? changes to gearing systems in bikes began changing. The rear cassettes went from 7 to 8 to 9 and Campy 10. Hence the spacing of the rear dropout and chain stay went from 126mm to 130mm. You don't mention what the cassette is, I suspect 7 and as a result a 126mm and most of todays components for rear wheels will not fit, this was the reason I bought a newer bike, I began having a tough time finding replacement parts. Situation is very similar to your mountain bike(upgrade= big$$), a bigger question is does this old bike fit? I have only heard of the component group you mentioned, nothing else.
re: More details on this bike...Chappie
Jul 7, 2001 4:41 PM
I saw the bike today. It was much too small for me, ad says it was 22" and I think that was-mismeasured, there was no tag on the frame to say what it was. 100 group was pretty well full RX-100 everywhere, Look seat made by Selle Marco, lugged steel frame, Michelin tires (cracked from non-use), pinstriping and other detail work, very nice condition - definitely spent it's life in a basement or garage. The owner bought it in Italy there 6 years ago while visiting his relatives and had it shipped back to Canada. He got the bug but didn't have time for it. If anyone out there is looking for a smaller bike this is a good lead, contact me and I'll pass on his info. Bike is in SW Ontario and is going for $500 (CDN of coarse).