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Bike Fit Question (and a bike one too)?(3 posts)

Bike Fit Question (and a bike one too)?voodoo-1
Jul 6, 2001 9:02 PM
Well, I'm coming to the decision that I don't want another mountian bike for a while (since I've been spending more time on road than on dirt lately). . .so, I've been looking at the road bikes.

Only question I have is how long do I want the top tube to be? Is there any relationship between what I have on my mountain bike, and what I'd want in a road bike? I'm 99% certain that I need a 63cm seat tube, but the top tube length is what concerns me. I'm 6'6", so when a bike says it has a 59.5cm top tube, I really can't figure out how that feels in real life . . .especially when any of the shops around here don't carry bikes my size (so I'd be relegated to buying online).

And as far as frames go, how is the Ciocc 7005? It doesn't seem too expensive in comparison to others, and does seem that it has a longer toptube than others I've read up on.

I'd probably go with a Dura Ace Groupo since it's not as expensive as Record, and does come in a 177.5 crank length.

Then just on a random inquiry, how about track/cyclocross frames, how are they sized in comparison to road frames (do you go smaller with those)?

thats a hard one.non-sprinter
Jul 6, 2001 9:16 PM
Top tube measure and stem length add up to total reach. Once you figure out your reach, then you can figure out where you want your head tube to be. Reach is very subjective. It's actually a long process, that changes over time as well. Go to a bike shop and get fitted. In the meantime, here's a formula. ((torso length + arm length)/ 2) + 4; this will give you reach. Reach is (top tube + stem). Hope this helps.
re: If you've got the data...Akirasho
Jul 7, 2001 12:20 AM
... this site might give you a possible answer...

Be warned, that this is still an estimate (factors other than the raw data must be weighed) and your anthromorphic measurments MUST be accurate, but will give you something to think about.

Don't know much about the Ciocc except I see them around occasionally... might wanna check out the product review section... might also do a search on for more insights.

Not a Trackie nor Crossdresser and am unsure of their geometric or sizing specifics. "The frame size for a track bike should be one centimeter smaller than for a road bike because the seat tube is more vertical pushing you about one centimeter higher." This is from

Hopefully a trackie or crosser can add to this thread.

Be the bike.