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carbon wrap stays on bianci giro......(4 posts)

carbon wrap stays on bianci giro......got2ryd
Jul 6, 2001 8:36 PM
my girlfriend is looking to buy a road bike soon. she test rode a bianchi giro today and liked it. i noticed it had what appeared to be carbon fiber in the seat and chain stays. i mentioned it to the sales person, but really did not get an answer. the bianchi brochure says that the stays are carbon wrapped. i take this to mean there is carbon wrapped around the aluminum. does this just make for a stiffer ride? anyone know about this? any comments on the giro? she is also looking at the lemond buenos aires and the univega vincere.
re: carbon wrap stays on bianci giro......TJeanloz
Jul 7, 2001 11:00 AM
I was really, really skeptical when I saw the 'carbon wrap' at Interbike last year. Cosmetically, it looked good, but how much could it do for the ride (as Bianchi claimed it would). What they've done is used a super butted aluminum tube for the seat stays, that's really thin in the center. They then reinforced that area with a carbon fiber sleeve. When the bikes first started to arrive, I test rode back-to-back a 2000 and 2001 Giro (identical except the 2000 has just aluminum seatstays), and there was a discernable difference in ride quality. The carbon wrap took a lot of the low vibration out of the ride- yielding a smoother ride. It was definitely a noticable improvement.

The Giro is, in my opinion, one of the best values in a 105 equipped bike. Bianchi tends not to fool around with grouppos by mixing and matching- everything is 105. It's a good quality Easton aluminum frame, with a fair carbon fork- a decent bike for first time racers or aggressive enthusiasts.
re: carbon wrap stays on bianci giro......Jofa
Jul 7, 2001 4:06 PM
I'm sure it's a lovely bike, but seatstays operate solely in compression, and the difference in compliance between a rigid tube made of metal, one of carbon composite, and one of a bit of each, is going to be zero. Composite stays are the thing of the moment, predominantly I suspect because they visually mirror composite forks, and because they allow a tight and therefore 'fast' monostay junction over the tyre to be made easily. Encourage her to choose the bike which fits her best with the least adjustment.
re: carbon wrap stays on bianci
Jul 8, 2001 12:16 PM
I think seatstays operate in compression at 0.0 Hz, but i don't believe in a dynamic environment they operate in compression only. Otherwise, there would only be hard tail mountain bikes. I make damping and frequency calculations on a daily basis and i think it does make a difference to the more demanding riders who ride rough surfaces. I think it is true that it is a "monkey see, monkey do" environment, but i do think if used and layered correctly, carbon fiber stays can make a difference. I don't ride a carbon fiber frame, but i think i can see the advantages of having one if it is done right.