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Used De Rosa steel how much ?(3 posts)

Used De Rosa steel how much ?Steve A
Jul 6, 2001 6:27 AM
I have a chance to pick up a used steel DeRosa, it needs some work, cosmetics are ok some dings and scratches "not bad" its been used, shifters worn out, chain, cassett etc, I want it for a ride in the rain and snow bike "training" winter bike etc, I love the fit and ride, and would put some money into it, as i see a gem there? How much should i offer ? The owner says make an offer, but i dont want to insult him.
re: Did i say it was a 8 speed sti shiftersSteve A
Jul 6, 2001 6:43 AM
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re: Did i say it was a 8 speed sti shifterstr
Jul 6, 2001 11:22 PM
Here is a data point for you. I bought a neo pro and it was built late 98 (frame and steel fork). I got it on ebay from a bike shop for $550, but it was absolutely mint and had less than 1k miles on it. Hopefully someone can give you a better data point. A possibility is to do a search on ebay or here and see what used derosa's have gone for. Just make sure you get the frame because they have a history of being well built and good alignment.