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exploding vittoria's(3 posts)

exploding vittoria'sJeff C.
Jul 5, 2001 2:07 PM
I recently mounted some Vittoria Open All Weather clinchers on some Sun/Ringle rims. Three times in two weeks, I had the tire peel off the rim and explode the tube like a gunshot. I carefully checked the tire and rim, but see nothing unusual. The third explosion occurred even after I had remounted the tire and went with about 100 PSI instead of my usual 120. The tire is rated 100-115 PSI. I did have two very narrow velox rim strips installed instead of one because the shop was out of the wider variety. Could that explain the problem, or does anyone have another idea of what the problem could be?
had the same thing happen with 27" rims.Haiku d'état
Jul 5, 2001 2:21 PM
not to doubt your technical efficiency, but i did it. with 700x23s. didn't realize they were larger rims, 'twas an older bike, i tried it several times (bull-headed and deadly efficient), wasted a few tubes.

good luck.

by the way, i used a pair of the vittoria action hsd tires (on 700s) and they lasted all of about 250 miles before going belly-up.
re: exploding vittoria'sJofa
Jul 6, 2001 3:23 PM
If this combination has been otherwise functional, then in this case the tyre bead wasn't properly cinched by the rim. It's plausible that the Velox tape caused this if the total width was too much; Velox tape is quite thick and unwieldy and inclined to get in the way. For this reason I prefer to use the non-sticky red rim tape that maichine-built wheels come with, having never had any punctures caused by rim tape failure as others report.