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Xero wheelset at supergo(7 posts)

Xero wheelset at supergojorge
Jul 5, 2001 12:46 PM
Has anyone bought or have any experience with these Xero wheels from supergo? They seem like such an incredible deal compared to other "boutique" wheels that I wonder if they're any good.
re: Xero wheelset at supergoElefantino
Jul 5, 2001 4:49 PM
Beware. Two of my riding buddies bought Spinergy wheels ... one bought the new Xaeros, the other the cheapies from Supergo. Both have had multiple broken spokes, and virtually no customer service from Spinergy. Many LBS don't like to touch them.
A great price, yes, but caviet emptor.
re: Xero wheelset at supergo - confusionSlow Ned
Jul 5, 2001 10:11 PM
I think that the names of the wheels has caused confusion. Spinergy makes a Vectran-spoked wheel called the "Xaero". SuperGo is selling an aftermarket wheelset that they call the "Xero" for $199-$219. They are totally different from Spinergy's Xaeros. Not sure if Elafantino is comparing experiences with the Spinergy's or the SuperGo aftermarket wheels.
Finally and answer . . . (long)Alan B
Jul 6, 2001 10:13 AM
Questions on this wheelset have been asked for months, but not answered . . . until BigBob. BigBob posted a favorable review after 150 miles on 6/5. I was considering the wheels too, so I recently emailed Bob, who generously provided a very helpful and thorough reply stating that he now had 400 miles on the wheels (XR1), has had them up to 46 mph, and all is still well and true. Bob is indeed big, at 240. I too am big at 215 and Bob's reply was enough to get me to order. The wheels just arrived last week and I've done only one 40 mile ride. So far so good, but obviously too early to tell and I won't have much time to ride until mid August due to scheduled vacations and work committments. My initial impressions are 1) They look just like the picture -- great looking wheels, among the best on the market at any price (to my eye, at least); 2) Perhaps a bit smoother and more comfortable ride than my CXP 21s w/ 105 hubs. Because I have only done 3 rides in the last month due to schedule conflicts and an injury, I am not in particularly good riding shape and I cannot say whether they are "faster" than my CXPs, but frankly I LIKED the CXPs and bought the Xeros mostly to have an extra set (Xeros are the primary) for those mornings I go out to a flat. They feel about the same from a stop as the CXPs, and are MAYBE a little better uphill (again, too soon to tell). I should be back in shape by mid September and I'll know a lot more then. One interesting phenomenon: On the CXPs, the first downhill on my commuting route is about 41 mph and the second about 36-37. On the first ride with the Xeros the first downhill was 37 and the second was 38. On the CXPs, the second hill has NEVER been faster than the first, and yet with the Xeros, I was 4 mph slower than the CXPs on the first hill, and faster than the CXPs (and the first hill) on the second hill. I can't believe the Formula hubs will be slower than the 105s in the long run. Is there a break-in period for the hubs? Breaking down the grease or something? I guess I'll know more on the second ride.

If you still haven't decided by September, feel free to email me for an update.
detail... (short)Jofa
Jul 7, 2001 4:22 PM
Hub bearing friction has no significant effect on road speed or drag. The wheels in general will feel no different from any other as no wheel flexes (vertically) detectably anyway. Maybe they are a little lighter than your others, that's all.
re: Xero wheelset at supergoSteevo
Jul 6, 2001 10:30 AM
I have a set of the Supergo Formula XeroLite wheels. I have not had any probem. They were true out of the box, and have not needed any first-time trueing after about 500 miles of not too smooth roads (I'm about 195lbs). The 16 spokes on these wheels are standard (black) spokes with standard nipples. The spokes attach to the hub and nipples at the rim in the standard fashion.
re: Xero wheelset at supergoSteeve
Jul 7, 2001 3:31 AM
They look very similar to Bianchi's Levitation wheelset. Split flange, cartridge bearings, 16 spoke, etc. Check it out.