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Chrome touch up.(4 posts)

Chrome touch up.9WorCP
Jul 5, 2001 10:07 AM
My friend's elderly Simoncini has some abrasions/pitting on the chromed stays. Any suggestions retouching them? I haven't actually seen them but he says they are pretty minor. Chrome touch up paint?

Any help appreciated, thanks.
"chore boy" copper scrub pads and metal polish from home depotHaiku d'état
Jul 5, 2001 11:57 AM
total investment: $5

if it's rust or other deposits on the chrome/metal, it's like the two (ok, four) project bikes i have at home. i've worked the rust and pits off the bars, brakes, levers, rims and hubs (!), and other chrome and metal surfaces with the copper pads and followed with metal polish (apply, let sit/dry, buff off). the polish is in a small, miniature hip-flask-looking tin container with blue and white packaging and a flip-off/attached with lanyard plastic cap. pads can be had from your local grocery.

did some reading on refurbing old bikes (what i'm halfway trying, see post later this afternoon w/pics) and found that many profess to the copper pads work wonders (yet will remove paint if used on painted surfaces) and don't promote future rusting/corrosion. regular metal scrubbies leave microscopic flakes of themselves in the finish that will rust later, spreading the rust to the frame...or so i've read.

make sure your friend well cleans the frame/parts before getting anywhere near it with copper pads. alot of the garbage i thought was rust on the project bikes turned out to be years of pollen, smog, bbq grill smoke and who knows what else that washed off with a toothbrush, degreaser, soap, water and a sponge.

good luck.
Thanks Jeffrey. He's going to give it a shot. (nm)9WorCP
Jul 5, 2001 9:31 PM
word. good luck! nmHaiku d'état
Jul 6, 2001 6:44 AM