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What's up with the squeaking on my new Litespeed?(12 posts)

What's up with the squeaking on my new Litespeed?KCnyc
Jul 5, 2001 8:33 AM
Took delivery of a Litespeed Tuscany recently and have put about 200 miles on it. Everything is sweet, apart from squeaking around the bottom bracket when pedaling - even on moderate effort - it's apparent about half the time. It doesn't appear to be a BB flex induced squeak (hopefully), and the LBS which put it together appears competent, and I've put a load of dry lube around it. I was initially thinking it was a break-in thing but it's not getting any better.
So any ideas what could be up with my $4k bike before I take it back to them?
p.s. As an aside, the bike looks real sweet with the new Spinergy Xaero wheelset with yellow fiber spokes - they go well with the yellow Litespeed on the frame.
re: What's up with the squeaking on my new Litespeed?Mike Prince
Jul 5, 2001 8:43 AM
The BB cartridge is probably loose. Try uninstalling/reinstalling using teflon pipe tape (available at any hardware store), usually just 1 or 2 wraps required. Or the bike shop should be able to do this as it should have been done at assembly as titanium frames commonly creak like this. There was a thread (maybe in Components) about the exact same thing just a few days ago. I'd look there first.

re: What's up with the squeaking on my new Litespeed?MrCelloBoy
Jul 5, 2001 8:46 AM
Ti bikes resonate squeaks much more efficiently than other materials. It could be anything from your seat rails to your rear cassette to your BB threads. As the bike is new, I'd take it back to the dealer for the initial tune-up and make sure that they troubleshoot it. There have been numerous posts regarding similar problems recently.
My honey's Merlin MTb BB was creaking recently. Her mechanic discovered the BB had begun backing out. Reassembly with locktite got rid of the creak.
Special grease....The General
Jul 5, 2001 8:48 AM
When the LBS put my Lemond together they used a grease designed for use on Ti-bikes. You might have your LBS look into this if they didn't already use it.

If that is not it, I have seen BB squeak right out of the box so repaceing it might be the trick.

Also check the pedals

The general
No special grease....Kerry Irons
Jul 5, 2001 8:05 PM
Litespeed just says grease, and they never use the word "special". No need for Ti-prep or teflon tape. Grease the threads and torque the BB to the proper setting. If it is the BB, this will eliminate it. But it could be many other things.
re: What's up with the squeaking on my new Litespeed?LC
Jul 5, 2001 10:15 AM
It may be your seatpost. I have been fooled before, any would have bet a large amount of money on the squeek coming from the BB, but it usually ends up being the seatpost. Even though you think that you are making the noise by putting pressure on the pedals, it is really the frame flex against the seatpost. If it was your BB you would feel it in the pedals.

Take out the seatpost and regrease it, before you do anything else.
while you're at it...roofus
Jul 5, 2001 11:31 AM
While you have the seatpost out, why don't you take it for quick spin. Do a few sprints or whatever normally makes it creak and see if you hear anything. That will at least point to or eliminate your seat AND seatpost as the culprit...
while you're at it...radical
Jul 6, 2001 10:39 AM
Both you gents are absolutely right!

As a longtime owner of fat tube Al road and mtb bikes, I have learned the hard way where to start to look for an annoying creak. It has always been the seatpost so that's where I look first before anything else. It's amazing how seatpost creaks resonate throughout the whole frame. A number of times I would've bet my house it was the BB or chainrings but sure enough it's the post. I now clean, lube and tighten regularily and have my sanity back ...

Good Luck!
Take it back...TJeanloz
Jul 5, 2001 12:05 PM
If you spent $4,000 on a Tuscany, don't give it another thought. Bring it to the dealer you bought it from, describe the problem, and tell them to have it fixed no later than yesterday. The job of the shop is to make sure things are right going out of the shop, and they have an obligation to you to make it right.
re: What's up with the squeaking on my new Litespeed?samcat
Jul 5, 2001 1:57 PM
Yet another possibility...

Was the BB threaded with Teflon (plumber's) tape prior to installation? Ti bikes will often squeek there if no tape is applied to the BB prior to installation.

Good luck, and enjoy the ride!

Rodents in the tubset?Largo
Jul 5, 2001 5:56 PM
I couldn't resist.
LBS fixed it:KCnyc
Jul 8, 2001 7:53 PM
Thanks for the replies, esp those pointing out that Ti frame resonate & amplifying sound more. My man at the LBS knew the problem as soon as I brought it in. The new Spinergy Xaero back wheel is not lubed enough internally out of the box so he took it apart and put some grease on it. It's probably only an issue on Ti frames perhaps. Not a sound on the latest ride.