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Specialized Expedition Elite-may buy '00 model-any opinions?(1 post)

Specialized Expedition Elite-may buy '00 model-any opinions?EGSeah
Jul 5, 2001 7:52 AM
Hello! I have been in the market for a new bike and after perusing a few catalogs, I liked the sound of the Specialized Expedition Sport and Expedition Elite. I'm just doing some bike path riding for now, probably navigating nasty city potholes here and there on the way to the bike path, and just need something basic. This sounded like a good all-around bike, from the catalog copy anyway. Anyway, I went to the bike shop and they had no 2001 Elites or Sports in, and said that they couldn't get any more, since 2001 production had already stopped. (Does that sound right?) However, they did have a 2000 model Expedition Elite, which they are bringing in for me to see. I'm wondering if this is a good buy, since I figured it'd be a similar thing and it is of course reduced since it's last year's model. I have store credit at this particular establishment and its other branches, so I want to stick to this bike shop, otherwise I'd look around at other stores to see what they had in stock. Anyway, any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!