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Newbie question on new bike purchase(2 posts)

Newbie question on new bike purchaseDougS
Jul 5, 2001 7:14 AM
I'm looking to purchase my first bike as I begin to train for triathalon. I've now been fitted to two different sizes by two different people. I've been fitted for a 52cm and 54cm. I stand 5 9' and have an inseam of about 32 inches. I understand that the 54cm has a stand height of about 31 inches. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.....Doug
Newbie question on new bike purchaseCima Coppi
Jul 5, 2001 7:42 AM

You'll hear much debate about sizing on the message board. The Lemond method says take .65x(inseam in cm) and this will equal your seat tube size (c-c) requirement. For you then, you inseam in cm=81.28 would yield a frame size of 52.8cm, right in between the two that were recommended for you. I also use the measurement of inseam x .883 to get the proper measurement for center of bottom bracket to top of seat. For you this measurement would be 71.77cm.

Now what really matters is top tube length. Take a look at

for ways to measure for top tube length.

Good Luck!!