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question for users of Easton EC90 carbon handlebars(15 posts)

question for users of Easton EC90 carbon handlebarsesbike
Jul 5, 2001 12:14 AM
I just got my EC90's from Colorado cyclist and was surprised to find a warning saying you can't attach aerobars to them. Does anyone know why? Has anyone found something that will work?

2nd question: any recommendations for a good stem to go with them? i have seen the ITM "the stem" at 95 gms, but the $250 price tag is a bit much.
Easton EC90 carbon handlebarscarbonguy
Jul 5, 2001 12:48 AM
clamping aerobars to EC90's is not a good idea at all another thing easton says is you MUST use a stem with a removable face sliding the bar through a single bolt stem can damage the bar also. These are road racing bars why would you put aero extensions on them anyway?
re: question for users of Easton EC90 carbon handlebarsIan
Jul 5, 2001 6:05 AM
Aerobars - Most, if not all aerobar clamps are somewhat half-moon shaped and do not distribute the clamping pressure evenly. And even if they did distribute the clamping pressure evenly, then the aerobars work as a long lever and exert to many other pressures on the carbon. And I must agree with the other post, it does not make any sense to save 30-40 grams with these bars and then put on 10 times that amount in aerobar weight.

Stems- Same thing. You need a stem that distributes the clamping pressure evenly, i.e. any removeable faceplate stem. Easton has one coming out shortly called the EM-90. The Deda Newton is also a nice choice.
re: question for users of Easton EC90 carbon handlebarsDuane Gran
Jul 5, 2001 6:26 AM
Others have adequately explained why not to use aerobars, but I have found the ITM Millennium (sp?) stem to work nicely with this bar. I agree about the ill-named "the stem" being rather pricy or I would probably use that stem instead.
re: Nice product "forget aero bars"Steve A
Jul 5, 2001 6:51 AM
I have these on two bikes. So far great results, I have used both the Deda Newton stem and the ITM "The Stem" Go with the Deda or take a look at the Richey WCS way light way cheap! when i got "the stem" I dont know what I was thinking, $250.00 for a stem to save 25 grams???
But from what i hear they cant keep them in the stores ??
re: question for users of Easton EC90 carbon handlebarsJimm
Jul 5, 2001 7:25 AM
GREAT bar! As others have said, aero bars are a no-no. Obviously, the seller didn't bring that to your attention prior to you making the purchase. I've nothing against Colorado Cyclist (excellent company!!!), but they should include some type of notification to the buyer. That being EC90's are being secured by a Thomson mountain bike stem -- flipped. The faceplate reads rightside up, but the "Thomson" on the stem is upside....makes for some funny perplexed expressions from those who look closely.
Isn't the stem clamp diameter too small??Shelley
Jul 5, 2001 7:44 AM
I also considered using a Thomson MTB stem on my road bike, but the diameters for the handlebar (26.0) and the stem (25.4) are not the same. Have you had any problems??
I concur...TJeanloz
Jul 5, 2001 12:09 PM
I would strongly recommend that you cease riding a MTB stem with the EC90 bars. Carbon fibre, while exceptionally durable under most circumstances, cannot take loads from different angles than it was designed from. In fact, I broke an EC90 with an ITM Big One stem, because the bolts go in at an angle and put a different load on the bar. Running a too small stem is a recipe for disaster.
Easton EC90 and Kestrel carbon handlebarsDog
Jul 5, 2001 7:43 AM
I have the Eastons on my "climbing" bike with an ITM Millenium. It's a pretty light combination.

On my "regular" bike, I've installed the Kestrel carbon bars, which do permit aerobars. I just use a one time around wrap of cloth tape to avoid marring them too much. The Kestrel bars are quite a bit beefier and stiffer, with more epoxy or whatever over the fibers near the stem. I like the bends in the Kestrel better, too, and they also have grooves for cables.

Kestrel bar has grooves?vram
Jul 5, 2001 9:24 AM
The last time I checked at my LBS, The Kestrel handlebar didn't have grooves. Main reason why I haven't got them yet. Since I have campy, I would like to avoid huge bulges on my handlebar if there are no grooves to route the cables. So have Kestrel recently introduced handlebars with channel for cables?
Kestrel bar has grooves?Cliff Oates
Jul 5, 2001 10:36 AM
Kestrel has one set of grooves on the inside of the bars. I have several friends who use these bars, including one Campy rider. The Eastons do not have grooves.
both sidesDog
Jul 5, 2001 10:42 AM
Mine have grooves on both sides; using it with Campy 10 right now.

both sidesCliff Oates
Jul 5, 2001 10:54 AM
They must be changing this product regularly, because I could swear that the last set of bars I saw only had one set of grooves. Oh well, $150 is a tad pricey for bars anyway (and I'm happy enough with 3TTT), so it's moot for me.
mine just a few weeks oldDog
Jul 5, 2001 11:22 AM
Just got mine. For Campy, with dual hidden cables, I'd not have bought them without the grooves. Maybe they are trying to up Easton carbon by responding to market pressure (what a concept!).

re: question for users of Easton EC90 carbon handlebarsclimberted
Jul 5, 2001 12:33 PM
Yes the one post was right, almost all aero bars are half moon shapped, same reason you can't get SOME bar ends for their carbon mtn bars. As for "the stem" from ITM. Yes it is light and made of Magnesium blah blah blah. But it is flexy, way flexy. I had an easton mag stem on my mtb, it was light and flexy, some much that I though something in the front was cracked flat or broke. Buy the Newton, Millineum(cheaper), or Zepp. All 3 are priced well and stiff enough.